NXT Dark Segments From Last Night, JR Says He Doesn't Understand Wrestling, RVD Speaks

- Rob Van Dam posted a new ipadio blog about his WWE departure and his future with the company. RVD noted on Twitter that he will "be back soon...ish." The audio blog is below and does contain some adult language:

- The dark match before last night's WWE NXT tapings saw Jason Jordan defeat Tye Dillinger. The dark main event segment featured former General Manager Dusty Rhodes coming out to talk. He was interrupted by current GM JBL, who had a bull rope and challenged Dusty to a bull rope match. Dusty ended up bringing out Big Show, who had words with JBL. Triple H then came out and turned down a fight from Show. Instead, Triple H sent out several NXT stars but Show knocked them all out. Big Show knocked out JBL and posed with Dusty to end the segment.

- Jim Ross says he's out of touch with pro wrestling. He tweeted the following last night:

"I'm ready to admit that I don't understand sports entertainment OR pro wrestling any more. #OutofTouch"


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