Off-Camera WWE RAW Notes: HHH & Stephanie Address The Crowd, WWE - Orlando Presale, More

Thanks to reader Q Boogie for sending in these notes from tonight's RAW in Orlando, FL:

* WWE will return to Orlando with a live event on February 2, 2014. The pre-sale code is WWELIVE.

* Shawn Michaels received a ton of boos as the referees walked him to the back.

* The crowd got restless during the Natalya - Summer Rae match and started chanting, "this is boring."

* After the show went off the air, Triple H took the mic and said that Big Show was lucky that he left as he was about to whip his a--. He then said that he was throwing everyone out. Stephanie took the mic trying to throw people out while Triple H insulted fans yelling at him. Triple H said that since no one wants to leave, you're all now hired for WWE and guess what... "you're all fired, get the hell out." The announcer than said that on behalf of the WWE, we hope you enjoyed the show, get home safe.

* That was it, there was no post-show dark match. While leaving, the arena was still chanting "Yes!"


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