Photo: Lots Of Empty Seats At Last Weekend's WWE Live Event In Abu Dhabi

Thanks to reader Clint for sending the photo above from the second night of WWE's tour in Abu Dhabi last week. We have a photo from the third night on our Facebook page as well. Clint also sent this in regarding why the attendance was so poor compared to last year's tour:


This was most probably due to the advertisements, as people were told that the cheapest ticket is 1500 dirhams, which is approximately $400. The cheapest tickets were 300 dirhams, which is about $80. Most of the population in the UAE are people who come from Asia to work and they don't earn much. I personally conducted a survey asking 100 people who worked at stores, cafes and other similar paying jobs. They all told me that the tickets were way too expensive, and I told them about the $80 tickets, which surprised them. Out of those 100, 92 were wrestling fans who watch it weekly. This was the reason the seats weren't occupied. Last time tickets sold out in just 48 hours.

Clint contributed to this article.