On the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed TNA cutting back on live events, and noted that the Carters are looking to sell the company.

“There’s a lot of moves, there’s a lot of moves that are being done behind the scenes,” Meltzer said. “No matter what anyone is going to say right now, there’s big things going on behind the scenes as far as the future ownership of the company, and at that point, god only knows where it goes.

“There’s people looking to get in, and I think the Carters are looking to get out. They’ve lost enough money and all that, and you know as far as what that means, who knows. But they’ve been looking to get out for a while. Now everyone is going to scream at me, but that’s 100%. That’s the stuff that they don’t want you know. They’ve been looking to get out when they didn’t want to fund them anymore.”

When asked if Eric Bischoff was interested in purchasing the company, Meltzer admitted to not knowing, but said that he “wouldn’t be surprised.”

“I’m sure that he’s probably looking at something,” Meltzer said of Bischoff. “I don’t know that he’s got backing… I don’t know if anyone does. I would think that Eric would be looking for something or someone to back him to get it. I don’t know that he’s got that backing though.”

You can listen to the full episode at this link (subscription required), Meltzer’s comments about TNA start at the 54:00 mark.

Brian Harris, @HeelJenkins and Peter Kayvee contributed to this article.