RVD Comments On His WWE Return, AJ Lee Vs. Kaitlyn Correction, Nikki Bella Injury Update

- Rob Van Dam has been talking more about his WWE departure and future on Twitter, telling fans he will be back soon. RVD noted that reports of him being unhappy with his most recent run in WWE were not true. He thought the run was awesome. One fan asked him what's the story with his departure. He replied:

"Job's done. Ill be back for another."

- We noted before that AJ Lee vs. Kaitlyn was planned for Monday's RAW but AJ was sent home with concussion symptoms. In a correction, that match was actually planned for the Superstars tapings. Kaitlyn ended up facing Tamina Snuka.

- Nikki Bella posted an injury update on Twitter:

"Things r lookin' good 4 Nikki B #BellaArmy !! Did jump & ring work 2day! Shin is gettin' stronger! I'll b competing sooner than later!"

Source: PWInsider


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