– WWE posted the video above featuring clips of WWE Divas dressed up for Halloween, as well as a bit of trivia from Vickie Guerrero.

– SLAM! Wrestling has an interview with Damien Sandow at this link, which was conducted before Sandow cashed in his Money In The Bank briefcase this past Monday night on RAW. During the interview, Sandow discussed growing up a wrestling fan and being trained by Killer Kowalski. He also talked about being able to get a reaction from the crowd.

“It’s funny you say reaction, because it’s essentially the only reason we do what we do,” Sandow said. “If you look at some of the top, top names, if you look at their style, it is a style geared towards getting the most out of people. I just wanted to approach everything I do from the time I got into WWE like that. I know a lot of guys that equate running around and action with a crowd response, but sometimes if you just concentrate on getting an emotional response out of people, you can approach things differently, and that’s what I try to do.”

The New York Daily News has a poor review for WWE 2K14 at this link. The newspaper gave the game 2 / 5 stars and said that the franchise failed to evolve, and what’s left is a “game that feels just like the many that have come before it.”

– WWE.com has an interview with Nikki Bella here, who returned to action on RAW. During the interview, Bella discussed her injury, recovery and Total Divas. She also discussed returning to action this past Monday night.

“You know, I was nervous, but I have to say knowing Brie was going to be by my side I felt a lot better,” Nikki said. “Brie has just been killing it in the ring; it made me feel really comfortable knowing that she’s been going two hours before every show and training really hard with her fiancé, Daniel Bryan. This past week, when I was given a green light to do just a tiny bit of stuff, I was going in early with them just to move around the ring and get the feel for it. She definitely helped calm my nerves because I knew if I got in trouble she was going to be right there to save the day.”