Scott Hall Takes Shot At Goldberg On Twitter, WWE Highlights Stan "The Lariat" Hansen's Career

- Over a decade after Scott Hall and Bill Goldberg last worked together in World Championship Wrestling, there is still no love lost between the two.

This morning on Twitter, a fan wrote to Hall, "Goldberg! Goldberg! What does that remind you of @scotthallnwo." He responded with the following: "#GoldMark."


His slight is in reference to Goldberg having a reputation within the professional wrestling industry of taking his character too seriously.

In the past, Goldberg has labeled Hall as "unprofessional" and blamed him for a near career-ending injury at a December 1999 WCW event where he smashed the windows of a limousine with his bare hands. He lost a large amount of blood due to this and came within one centimeter of having to have an arm amputated.

"I should've killed him but I didn't," Goldberg told Mike Mooneyham of The Post & Courier in a 2001 interview discussing the incident. "Scott Hall is very unprofessional and he often breaks character and does things I don't agree with. I try to be professional and set a positive example, but unfortunately he doesn't share the same views. Vince Russo couldn't control him and we had an issue, and instead of being unprofessional and making him pay, I took my frustrations out on that limousine."


- The official WWE website has added Stan Hansen to its Alumni section. An AJPW Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion in Japan, he was also an AWA World Heavyweight Champion, NWA United States Champion, and an NWA World Tag Team Champion. He competed for WWE in the late 1970s, which was then known as the World Wide Wrestling Federation. In April 1990, Vince McMahon's company partnered with All Japan Pro Wrestling to hold a mega show at the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, and in the main event, Hansen lost to Hulk Hogan.