Sin Cara was recently interviewed by TVC Deportes. You can watch the full interview in Spanish above. Here are some highlights of what he said:

* He laughed off rumors of him leaving WWE (most of them in Mexico) and said that he doesn’t read the rumors and doesn’t believe in any of them. He told people to not believe any rumors that they read or hear about. He always does his best for the fans, he doesn’t care if they talk good about him or not.

* He wants to prove himself in WWE and shut people’s mouths that talk bad about him.

* He doesn’t blame anyone for his injuries, however his ring style in WWE is what causes his injuries. He said that it shouldn’t be an excuse for his injuries and he blames himself. Rey Mysterio told him that in his first years in the United States, he was injured a lot.

* He said he wasn’t faking his finger injury on RAW during a match with Alberto Del Rio, and he has the X-rays to prove it. His fingers were injured when Del Rio kicked him in the hand at the beginning of the match, not when he dove out of the ring onto Del Rio. He called the referee to tell the doctor to locate his fingers back in place, but the doctor told him that he couldn’t continue. The doctor stopped the match, not him. He said coincidentally after the Sin Cara action figure with the arm sling came out, he injured his fingers.

* As for El Torito, he was surprised that WWE would sign a “Mini-Estrella” and that it fills him with pride that a Mexican wrestler gets signed by a great company like WWE.

* He wants to go after the tag team titles with Rey Mysterio when he returns.

* He said it was phenomenal for the Rhodes brothers to win the tag team titles. He respects Cody Rhodes as a competitor. He said that Cody sometimes tries to wrestle the lucha libre style, and that Cody loves Mexican lucha libre. Goldust is a legend, and he said that he has always liked the way Goldust dresses and paints his face.

* He said that a wrestler named Sin Cara is being advertised for an event in Chiapas, Mexico, which is not him. He alerted WWE about the situation.