The first round of matches have been completed and the second round will begin today. Make sure to "Like" Wrestlinginc on Facebook to participate in the tournament. For more information on the tournament, click here.

Here is a recap of the first round matches:

Ric Flair defeated Kevin Nash

Andre The Giant defeated John Cena

Mr. Perfect defeated Harley Race

Shawn Michaels defeated The Ultimate Warrior

Hulk Hogan defeated Eddie Guerrero

Kurt Angle defeated Roddy Piper

Dusty Rhodes defeated Chris Jericho

Randy Savage defeated CM Punk

Steve Austin defeated Chris Benoit

Ricky Steamboat defeated Ted Dibiase

Terry Funk defeated Randy Orton

The Rock defeated Goldberg

The Undertaker defeated Jake Roberts

Mick Foley defeated Triple H

Sting defeated Arn Anderson

Bret Hart defeated Edge