** SPOILER ** Big Turn At Last Night's SmackDown Taping (Updated)

We noted during our SmackDown coverage last night that CM Punk defeated Big E Langston in a match that will air this Friday night. WrestlingINC.com reader Bo sent along more details.

After the match was over, Paul Heyman came out with Curtis Axel and Ryback. Heyman and Punk traded some verbal jabs, and Heyman's guys attached Punk. Langston turned babyface and saved Punk. Langston then took out Axel, so it looks like Axel will be facing Langston at Hell In A Cell.


WrestlingINC.com reader Kaleb Huffman ( @K_Huff85 ) added the following and sent the photo above: Big E was oddly sitting next to the barrier by the announce table [after the loss to Punk] when Paul Heyman, Ryback and Curtis Axel came onto the stage. Heyman began making fun of Big E, saying that Punk had a nice win over a NXT rookie who is not a monster like Ryback. Punk ran down the aisle to confront Ryback and Axel. Then the action returned to the ring when Big E got involved and planted Axel with a power slam. That prompted a startled look from Punk towards Big E, completing his face turn. On a side note, Big E is a very nice man as I met him, AJ, and Kaitlyn just outside Topeka in July and received autographs from all 3.


@rockchalkladii and Bo contributed to this article.