The Miz's Biggest Remaining Goal In Wrestling Is Not The WWE Championship

The Khaleej Times has an interview with the Miz, who was promoting WWE's tour in Abu Dhabi this week. During the interview, The Miz revealed his biggest goal in the company.

"I've held every single title besides one: the World Heavyweight Championship," The Miz said. "I'm a four-time Tag Team champion, two-time United States champion, two-time Intercontinental champion, one-time WWE champion, two-time Slammy Award-winner.

"Every opportunity I get, I'm taking, and when I get the opportunity to go for the World Heavyweight Championship, guess what? I'm taking it."

The Miz also discussed the company's Wellness program, being a babyface, if he misses being a heel and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: The Khaleej Times


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