TNA Bound For Glory: Sabin Vs. Aries Vs. Hardy Vs. Samoa Joe Vs. Manik (Ultimate X)

- The 2013 TNA Bound For Glory pay-per-view kicks off with a video package for tonight's top matches. We're live from San Diego as Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the pay-per-view.

Ultimate X for the TNA X Division Title: Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe vs. Chris Sabin vs. Austin Aries vs. Manik

We go to the ring and out first comes Jeff Hardy. This is Hardy's first-ever Ultimate X match. Out next comes Austin Aries. Chris Sabin is out next with Velvet Sky followed by Samoa Joe. Out last is TNA X Division Champion Manik.

Sabin starts to climb but goes back down and drags Aries to the floor to start the match. They brawl on the floor and use the structure. Hardy and Aries on the floor now. Joe comes in and lays out Sabin with a bunch of right hands. Joe with a splash and clothesline on Sabin. Hardy and Aries both have climbed up and are going at it. Hardy comes down. Aries looks to cross the cables but Hardy brings him down. Manik takes both Hardy and Sabin down at the same time. Sabin and Manik go at it now. Manik with a submission but Aries breaks it. Aries takes control of Manik now. Aries goes out for the title but Hardy pulls him down. Hardy catapults Aries on his face. Hardy goes under the ring and brings out a ladder.

Joe leaps out of the ring and takes out Hardy. Sabin takes out Joe but Manik takes out Sabin. Aries goes to the top and leaps out onto everyone on the floor. Aries and Manik go at it in the ring now. Manik ends up dumping Sabin out to the floor right in front of Velvet. Joe with right hands on Aries in the corner. Joe takes Aries up for a Musclebuster but Aries counters and drops Joe on his head. Aries with a corner dropkick on Hardy. And one for Joe on the opposite side of the ring. Aries with another dropkick on Hardy and Joe. Aries goes for a brainbuster on Joe but it's countered. Joe with the rear-naked choke. More back and forth with Joe in control until Sabin dropkicks him.

Hardy takes out Sabin from the top. Hardy brings a ladder in the ring and sets it up under the title. Hardy climbs but Joe meets him and they go at it up high. Joe sends Hardy to the floor. Aries takes out Joe and the ladder. Aries sets up the ladder and climbs. Manik springboards onto the cables and meets Aries at the title. Sabin pushes the ladder over and both of them fall. Sabin grabs Hardy and works him over. Hardy blocks a kick and nails Twist of Fate. Velvet cheers on Sabin to get back in the ring but they start arguing. Sabin wants Velvet to get in the ring but she says no. Sabin pushes her in the ring. Hardy takes out Joe. Hardy moves Velvet out of the way of the ladder. Sabin takes advantage and climbs for the title. Sabin unhooks the title as Manik dropkicks him to the mat..

Winner and New TNA X Division Champion: Chris Sabin

- After the match, Sabin hits the ramp to celebrate and Velvet doesn't look to happy. We go to replays.


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