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We open with a recap of Bound For Glory. They show us all the match results and title changes from the show. They hype the rematch between AJ and Bully Ray for tonight.

Impact is live from Salt Lake City. Dixie Carter’s music hits and she comes out to a small amount of heat. The ring is set up with a big “Welcome Back AJ Styles Banner” and a table full of AJ merchandise. Dixie says that tonight is about someone very important. She says that she may have made a mistake, and tonight she needs to make up for that. She says that is all in the past, and now she is focusing on the future. She says the future is a legend, and someone she is proud to call her World Heavyweight Champion. She introduces the new champion, AJ Styles.

AJ comes down to a pretty big pop from the crowd. He enters the ring and shows off the world title. Dixie says that she is not expecting a thank you tonight, and that for the last six weeks it has all about her motivating him to glory. She says that AJ was in a slump, but she is here to help him. She says to look at what the brilliance of Dixie has gotten him. She said that he wanted to make her pay, so now she is going to pay. She says he is going to get his own dressing room. She gives AJ something that used to belong to Hogan, like a watch or something. She reveals a convertible for AJ. She asks if AJ is ready to move forward.

AJ asks if she thinks he will be on Team Dixie. He says all these material things are a manipulation from Dixie, and he isn’t buying it. He says that when he meant that she was going to pay, he didn’t mean anything material. He denounces all of her gifts. He says that this all could have been avoided months ago, and that she didn’t believe in him, she bet against him.

Dixie asks him to calm down, and that maybe she crossed the line Sunday. She talks about the match tonight, and says that he does not have to do that. She says right now they can go on her jet and go someplace fun. All she asks is that he and her be on the same side, and she will cancel the match.

Bully comes down to the ring with Brooke, but we are going to commercial first.

We are back and Bully is in the ring with a mic. He says that he did not travel all the way to Salt Crap City for his title shot to be canceled. AJ tells him to shut up for a second, and that he will get his turn. AJ asks Dixie if she thinks that he is leaving on her jet she is dumber then we all thought. AJ says that the rematch clause might work if he is under contract, but he isn’t. He says that tonight he is the champion, and he will defend it tonight.

Bully reminds AJ that he isn’t fighting Dixie, he is fighting him. He says AJ got lucky at BFG, and that it was Earl Hebners fault. He claims that he kicked out of the Spinal Tap, but Hebner missed it. That is the only way that AJ could have beaten him. Bully say he is going to beat the piss out of AJ, and take back his title. He says that in the professional wrestling business, AJ is a boy and he is a god. And if god was a bully, he would be him.

AJ says he should be concerned with Aces & 8s. He says that after he beats Ray tonight, he will celebrate with his fans, and he will say “Do you know who I am? I am the phenomenal AJ Styles.”
Bully kind of sort of hits AJ, and then beats AJ down with a steel stand for AJ’s merchandise. Bully gets AJ up for the powerbomb through the table, but the lights go out.

Mr. Anderson’s music hits and Anderson comes out. The lights come on, and AJ is gone and Anderson runs into the ring. They trade punches but Anderson gets the advantage. He punches Ray in the corner and Bully rolls out of the ring.

We come back from commercials and Anderson is in the ring with a mic. Anderson says that he really missed the fans and that he really, really missed Bully Ray. He asks the crowd if Bully missed him. Anderson says that his neck feels good, and that he has been sitting at home for the last couple months and he sees that every week Bully is doing the same thing, and that everyone is sick and tired of it.

Dixie comes back out with security, and says that he is not authorized to be in the ring, and that security should cuff him. The security enters the ring and Anderson says that they should have some fun with this. Anderson tackles a few of the guards, but eventually stands up and gets arrested by security. They lead him up the ramp and Dixie yells at him.

Tenay and Taz talk about Kurt Angle and what he did at BFG. They say tonight we will hear from Angle. We then get a recap of the Knockouts title match from BFG and the interference from Tapa.

Gail King and Tapa head to the ring for a tag match. We go to commercial.

We come back and Brooke and Brooke’s assets are out. Velvet Sky comes out next, followed up by ODB.

Gail Kim and Brooke vs ODB and Velvet Sky

ODB and Brooke start things off and ODB knocks Brooke into the corner. She hits the bronco buster and grabs Gail on the apron. Brooke comes over and knocks ODB off the apron. She throws her back in the ring and tags in Gail. She beats down ODB with some stomps and tags in Brooke. Brooke fishooks ODB in the ropes and beats down ODB. She hits some forearms in the corner, and goes for a monkey flip. ODB powers out of it and tosses Brooke across the ring.

ODB tags in Velvet and Brooke tags in Gail. Velvet hits some clotheslines and then a head scissors. She hits a neckbreaker and goes for a cover but Brooke breaks it up. ODB spears Brooke and they go to the outside. Gail goes to the outside and tries to bring in a chair but the ref cuts her off. While the ref is dealing with Gail, Tapa comes in and hits a big boot. Kim goes for the cover and gets the three count.

Winner: Gail Kim and Brooke

Ethan Carter III is going to make his Impact debut next.

We come back from commercials and the Bromans are spiking their hair and celebrating their tag team victory from BFG. They say tonight they are going to have the biggest Celebrotion in history.

EC3 makes his entrance, while Christy Hemme botches his entrance a few times. Taz puts over EC3 on commentary and he highlights his victory from BFG. His opponent is a scrawny guy that might be RD Evans named Dewey Barnes.

Ethan Carter III vs Dewey Barnes

They lock up and EC3 powers Barnes down. Barnes tries to get the crowd into it and they lock up again. They trade holds and EC3 beats Barnes down in the corner. Barnes is chopped away in the corner and EC3 hip tosses him across the ring and hits a running boot. Taz is REALLY putting EC3 over. Barnes fights up and hits a few punches and climbs the turnbuckle and hits a missile dropkick for a two count.

Barnes picks EC3 up, but EC3 switches the hold and hits a headlock driver for the three count.

Winner: Ethan Carter III

Carter tries to draw some heat from the crowd but they are not really having it. He grabs a mic and says that he is EC3 and that he is a Carter, the world needs us.

Up next, Angle will be out to talk about what he did at BFG as we go to ads.

We are back and we see a recap of Magnus and Sting from BFG.

Sting and Magnus are talking backstage. Magnus says that he watched the match from BFG, and that he realized that he did not show the right amount of respect. Magnus says that he got caught up in the moment and he is sorry. Sting says they are fine and he is wondering if he passed the torch to Magnus, or lit a fire underneath him. Magnus says that this is Sting’s world, and he is just living in it.

We get a recap from Angle turning down the induction and losing to Roode.

Angle’s music hits and he comes down in ring gear. Angle has a mic and says that last weekend was a tough weekend for him to forget. He says that at BFG, he could not accept the HOF reward. He says that he has so much more to prove, but when that time comes, he will take his place in hte HOF. He says that his match with Roode was one of the most physical matches he has ever been in, and that he did lose the match.

Roode comes out alone and he stares down Angle in the ring. He says that it is pathetic listening to excuse after excuse from Angle. He says that the real reason he declined his induction was that he knew deep down inside that he could not beat Roode. He says it was a good choice, because he did beat Angle, fair and square. He says that for two long years, he has lived with a sense of failure because Angle beat him at BFG for the World Title, but now it is Angle’s turn to have that sense of failure.

Angle says that Roode may be one bad ass SOB, but he is not better then him. He says that he is not going to make any excuses, but to challenge him to a match, right now. Roode says “You want to wrestle me?” and takes off his jacket. He says that he would love to wrestle Kurt, but Angle cannot wrestle. Roode hands Angle a note, and that the note is from a doctor saying Kurt tore the cartilidge in his knee and he is not cleared to wrestle. Angle looks at the note and says he is not cleared to wrestle, but the doctor didn’t say anything about a fight.

Angle punches Roode, and they fight but security is quickly out and they separate the two.

We see Bully backstage yelling at Garrett and Knux and Bully is asking if they see how selfish Anderson is now. He asks them to go down to the jail and see that Anderson does not post bail. They agree and leave as we go to commercial.

We are back and Dixie is on the phone talking to someone. She says that she needs something right now, and that she needed this yesterday.

The Bromans are out to celebrate their tag team victory at BFG. They are both holding bottles of liquor. The ring has a DJ and a table of booze and protein bars in it. Robbie has a mic and introduces the DJ. Robbie says asks if this is a party or what bro. He says that at BFG, it was the biggest night in Broman history. The crowd chants “You can’t wrestle” at the Bromans. Robbie says that it was the biggest night because…and Storm’s music plays.

Storm and Gunner come down and Storm is drinking and Storm kicks the DJ out of the ring. Storm pops open the bottle of champagne and Gunner eats the protein bars. Storm says they are taking the booze and the bars, but they can keep their sisters skinny jeans. He says that they can also keep the worlds shortest tag title reign because next week…and EGO’s music plays.

Daniels and Kaz come out and Kaz ridicules all the people in the ring. He says that they don’t get to celebrate yet, but they are going to petition for a tag title shot. Daniels gets the mic and says that they have the wrong drinks for a celebration. Beer is for the lower class and only posers drink champagne. You celebrate a victory with a man’s drink, and appletini. Storm takes a sip, spits it out and punches Daniels.

All the guys start beating each other and Eric Young and Joseph Parks come down. Daniels breaks a bottle over Park’s head and he is busted open. Park’s begins to turn into Abyss and chokeslams Jesse Godderz. We then go to commercial.

We are back and they plug the 24/7 thing online.

Roode vs Angle is announced for next weeks Impact.

It is time for the world title match, and Bully is out first with Brooke. AJ is out next to probably the biggest pop of the night. AJ has his ribs taped up. JB introduces the men, but Bully cuts him off. Bully says that he does not need anybody to introduce himself and he begins to introduce himself, but AJ cuts him off and the bell rings.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match: AJ Styles vs Bully Ray

AJ knocks Bully into the corner and chops away. AJ rocks him into the corner and hits a snapmare and kick to the back. He throws Bully off the ropes and hits a dropkick. He charges at Ray but Bully catches him with an elbow. Bully punches him a few times, but AJ hits a big enzughiri for a two count.

AJ works on Bully, but Bully hits a big back body drop on AJ. The ref checks on AJ as we go to commercials.

We are back and Bully is in control. AJ fights back and goes off the ropes and both men hit clotheslines and go down. Bully gets up and locks in a bearhug. AJ gets out, but Bully hits another back body drop for a two count. Bully goes for an elbow drop but AJ rolls out of the way. Both men get up and trade punches. Bully is noticebally missing his punches. They have a stand off and AJ hits a clothesline and a spin kick. He hits a springboard forearm for a two count.

AJ tries to go for a fireman’s carry, but can’t get Bully up. Bully hits a samoan drop for a two count. Bully goes to the top rope, but AJ gets up top to stop him. Bully pushes him off but misses a big back senton off the top. AJ goes for the springboard 450 but misses. Bully sits AJ up on the top rope and throws him off, and Hebner gets knocked down.

AJ locks in the calf slicer on Ray and Ray taps, but the ref is down. AJ lets go and tries to wake up Hebnar and Ray picks up the steel chain and takes it to AJ’s face. He hits a running cutter but it is only good for a two count. Bully can’t believe it as he cries in the corner. Bully still has the chain as he waits for AJ to get up. Anderson comes out of nowhere and distracts Bully Ray. AJ comes over and hits a crucifix for a quick three count.

Winner and still TNA Worldheavyweight Champion: AJ Styles

After the match, Bully and Anderson fight up the entrance ramp.

Dixie comes out with a clipboard with paper that says AJ Styles on it, and she is coming to the ring right now as we go to commercial.

We are back and Dixie is coming down to the ring. Everyone else is gone and just AJ is in the ring. Dixie says that AJ turned down her gifts, but now she has a contract for AJ Styles. She says it is full of everything he ever wanted. She says that because she is so sweet, she is still giving him the car as a singing bonus. She says she wants AJ in TNA, and that they should put all of this behind them.

AJ grabs the clipboard while the crowd chants “Read the contract”. AJ says that it is an amazing contract, by a horrible human being. He says a human being that uses the blood sweat and tears to pad her bank account. AJ says that she didn’t believe in him months ago when he had no contract, and he rips up the contract. The crowd chants “Yes, Yes.”

AJ says that money can’t fix her problem, and that she doesn’t respect the title, him or the fans. AJ says that she is going to pay by taking the World Title. He says that he is leaving, because these people deserve a champion. He says that he is taking the tile somewhere else, he is taking it somewhere, it is really hard to hear. He grabs the car keys and Impact ends with AJ driving away with the title.

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