Tonight is Impact's Halloween special episode, coming from Salt Lake City.

We get a recap of last week's action, including Kurt Angle and Bobby Roodes fight, Bully Ray's failure to win back the World Title and AJ walking out of TNA with the World Title.

ODB vs Gail Kim and Bobby Roode vs Kurt Angle is announced for later tonight.

Dixie Carter comes out with a mic and says that last wee AJ showed his lack of vision and his mental aptitude with his ridiculous decision. She says that nobody walks out on Dixie Carter. From here on out, AJ does not exist to Dixie and he is longer the world champion. She says that he can take the world title and the car, because Dixie does not want it back. She says that AJ is currently going trailer to trailer trick or treating saying he is the world champion. She says that he is no different then the other millions of kids pretending to be world champ.

She says they need a real world champion, someone who looks good and can make the company bigger then it already is. She announces an eight man tournament for the world title. She has already chosen seven former world champions for the tournament.

Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardy, James Storm, Kurt Angle, Austin Aries, Robert Roode and Chris Sabin come out onto the stage. We get a little recap of each man winning the world title while they are introduced by Dixie.

Dixie says that there is one man missing from the tournament. Bully Ray and Brooke come out and Bully has a mic in his hand. Dixie asks to cut the music, and announces that there will be a gauntlet match to determine the final man in the tournament. Bully says Dixie forgot about him, and wonders how he can win the world title back if he isn't in the world title tournament.

Dixie says that Bully is the man who lost twiced to AJ, and that he is the man who caused all this trouble in the first place. Bully says those were not his fault, and he blames Hebner and Anderson. Anderson's music hits and he hits the ring and beats on Bully. Anderson stomps away on Bully while security comes in to break it up and we go to commercials.

We come back and we get a recap of Bully and Anderson fighting in the ring. We see Brooke yelling and Anderson in the back, but then Bully runs in from behind and takes Anderson out with a chain. Anderson is handcuffed and Bulyl stomps away at him. Bully says that Anderson is too stupid to stay away, and that he is nothing without Bully. Anderson is really selling the beating.

The cameras catch up to Garrett and they ask about Anderson. Garrett says that club business is club business and Knux comes in and says he has a big opportunity tonight.

Gunner and James Storm come out for a rematch from BFG to try and get their tag titles back.
The Bromans are out next.

Match for the World Tag Team Champions Bromans vs Gunner and James Storm

Gunner and Storm meet the Bromans on the ramp and beat them into the ring. Gunner and Robbie start the match and Gunner lays out Robbie. Gunner hits a slingshot suplex for a two count and tags in Storm. They hit a double elbow and Storm hits a knee drop. Robbie tags in Jesse, but Storm hits a double clothesline on the Bromans.

Storm chops away at Jesse and tags in Gunner. They hit a russian leg sweep/clothesline combo for a two count. Gunner pounds away on Jesse on the corner. Gunner hits an elbow for a two count, and stags in Storm who hits a fist drop off the second rope to the mid secion. Storm hits the Eye of the Storm but Robbie breaks up the cover. Robbie hits a necbreaker on Storm for a two count and Gunner comes in and lays him out.

Jesse and Robbie double team Gunner and throw him out of the ring. Robbie and Gunner brawl on the outside and Storm hits a stabber. He goes for the superkick, but Robbie pulls Jesse out of the ring. Storm tries to suplex Jesse into the ring, but Robbie yanks Storms leg down. Jesse lands on top of Storm and Robbie holds down his leg for the three count.

Winners and STILL Tag Champions: Bromans

We see Dixie talking to Sting in the back. Dixie says she is going to lift the ban on Sting for contending for the title just for tonight, and Sting is going to be the first guy in the gauntlet tonight. Sting says he has never had a sense of entitlement. Dixie is confused by that statement and asks if that means yes. We then go to commercials.

We are back and we get a recap from BFG and EY and Joseph Parks/Abyss feuding with Bad Influence.

In the back, Bad Influence are dressed as Sherlock Holmes and they are looking at a camerman and deduce that his life is sad. They say they are looking to solve the mystery of the monster Abyss and were the TV title is.

EC3 is out for a match against the same jobber he faced at BFG.

Ethan Carter III vs Norv

They start and EC3 kills him with a single strike. EC3 picks Norv up and chops him into the corner. He throws him into another corner and chops him again. He continues to beat down Norv into the corner and whips him back into the turnbuckle. EC3 hits a T-bone suplex and taunts the crowd. Norv hits a jawbreaker, but EC3 locks in a sleeper hold. Norv tries to fight out and hits a dropkick to the back. He then hits a springboard cross body for a one count. EC3 catches him with a facebuster and hits the headlock driver for the win.

Winner: Ethan Carter III

EC3 has a mic and says that he is EC3. He says that he is a Carter, and that the world needs them.

We see Roode talking to a doctor backstage. They review Angle's injury from BFG, and Roode says that it has only been seven days, and that he is looking out for Kurt's safety. He just wants to be sure that Angle is medically cleared for tonight.

The gauntlet is on next, with Sting walking to the ring as we go to commercials.

We come back and ODB is in the back talking about her rematch tonight. Bad Influence come by still in Sherlock Holmes character and and say she is smuggling jack-o-lanterns under her shirt. They ask if she knows anything about Abyss, and EY comes by and says that it is Halloween, a monster favorite holiday, and there is no telling what can happen.

Sting and Kazarian come out for the gauntlet match.

Gauntlet match for the final slot in the World Championship Tournament

Despite it being called a gauntlet match, the match will be an over the top rope battle royal, with someone else coming in every two seconds. Sting and Kaz square off with Kaz getting the quick advantage. Kaz hits a flying clothesline and taunts Sting. Sting hits a clothesline and knocks Kaz into the buckle and hits a backdrop. He kicks away at Kaz and hits a suplex. Kaz sticks a finger in Sting's eye and tries to get Sting over the rop. Sting tosses him off and hits some punches to the gut.

The timer goes off and Knux is out next. Kaz and Sting trade blows as we go to commercial.

We come back and Sting, Kaz and Knux are all in the ring. Eric Young is out next. Kaz goes right at him, but EY hits a belly-to-belly suplex. EY wails away on Kux and jumps off the turnbuckle to go back to Kaz. He hits the 10 punches on Kaz an monkey flips him off. Ey tries to dump Kaz out while Sting misses a splash in the corner on Knux. Kaz and Knux work together to try and dump EY out. EY fights out and goes after Kaz and throws him into the turnbuckle.

The timer winds down and Daniels is out next. EY tosses Kaz over the top, but Daniels catches Kaz and puts him back in the ring. Daniels and Kaz double team EY and beat him down, while Sting tries to get Knux out. Daniels beats on Sting and Knux and Kaz take turns on kicking EY down in the corner. Sting hits a double suplex on Bad Influence. We then go to commercial.

We come back and all th men are still in the ring. Manik is out next. He comes in with a springboard cross body to Kaz and then a spinning kick to Daniels. He hits a dual dropkick off the top on Bad Influence. Manik tries to dump Daniels out, white Sting and Knux duke it out. EY and Sting double team Knux. Kaz kicks Manik down. Kaz tries to dump Manik out, but Manik skins the cat and hits a head scissors take down on Kaz.

Magnus is out next and he unloads on Bad Influence. He hits a double clothesline on Bad Influence, but Knux hits a cross body on Magnus. Knux works on Manick but Manik hits a headsicissors on Knux and takes him over the top. Daniels hits him off the apron with an elbow and takes Manik out. Daniels then dropkicks EY and he goes over the top.

Bad Influence and Sting and Magnus are next. Magnus hits a suplex on Daniels and tries to toss him out, but Kaz saves him and they double Magnus. Sting aids Magnus and Magnus hits a clothesline on Daniels. Magnus tosses Daniels out while Sting tries to push Kaz over. Magnus swoops over and lifts up Sting over the top, taking Kaz with him.

Winner and 8th man in the tournament: Magnus

After the match Sting and Magnus stare at each other. The tournament will begin next week.

Angle is shown talking to the doctor in the back. Angle walks away and the cameraman asks what the doctor said. Angle says that doctor said it would be in Kurt's best interest to take the night off, but he is medically cleared, and he is going to kick Roode's ass.

The Knockouts match is up next.

Dixie is asked in the back about Magnus winning the gauntlet. She says it is great, and that she is really excited about announcing the brackets for the tournament, and something else called "The Wheel of Dixie."

ODB is out first, followed by the champion Gail Kim. Kim is escorted by Lei'd Tapa.

Knockouts Title Match: ODB vs Gail Kim

The bell rings and ODB takes down Gail and hammers away with right hands. She throws Gail into the turnbuckle and hits a big chop. She whips Gail hard into the corner, and hits a splash. ODB goes for the bronco buster, but Gail gets out of the ring. ODB goes out and gets her and throws her back into the ring. Gail gets back out and hits a kick. ODB shakes it off and hits a fall-away slam on the outside.

ODB throws Gail back into the ring and Tapa distracts ODB. Gail hits a dropkick which knocks ODB to the floor. Kim looks to get a count-out win, but ODB makes it in at nine. Gail takes ODB over and locks in the figure four through the ring post. She covers ODB for a two count. ODB gets back up and tries to fight out, but eats a clothesline from Gail for a two count.

Gail locks in a scissor hold around ODB's head. ODB fights up to her feet and locks in a single-leg crab. Gail makes it to the ropes to break the hold. Gail stops ODB with a kick but misses the dropkick in the corner. ODB hits a few shoulder tackles and then scoop slam. She climbs the ropes and hits a Thesz press from the second rope for a two count.

ODB sits Gail on the top rope and hits a front suplex off the top. ODB goes for the cover but Tapa distracts the ref. ODB gets up and into Tapa's face, but Kim comes over and rolls up ODB and grabs the ropes for a three count.

Winner and STILL Knockout's Champion: Gail Kim

Bad Influence are in the back and say that they have solved the mystery of Abyss. They will go out there in their "official" detective gear and tell the world the solution. We then go to ads.

We are back and Bad Influence are in the ring in full Holmes get-up. They are both speaking in bad British accents and Daniels claims that they have solved another crime, cracked another code, and solved the mystery of Abyss. They say they looked high and low, and deduced that the beast resides right under their very noses, right under the ring. Daniels asks everyone to say back and he lifts up the apron.

Daniels takes out a pumpkin from under the ring. Kaz acts like Daniels found Abyss, he says the pumpkin is round like Abyss and is a talentless vegetable like Abyss. EY comes out wearing Joseph Park's outfit. EY says that he is a scientist, and that there is no proof that Halloween is a real holiday. He says that it is the big guys favorite holiday. He says he got a hold of him, and that he wanted EY to give his two favorite wrestlers a message. EY punches Bad Influence, but they get the best of him.

Abyss's music plays and he comes out and takes down Bad Influence. He hits the Black Hole Slam on Kaz and stares at Daniels. Daniels tries to get away, but runs into another Black Hole Slam. Abyss's music plays as he stands tall in the ring. He walks over to EY in the corner and he extends his hand and picks Young up.

Angle vs Roode is up next.

Dixie Carter has reveled the brackets for the tournament. Sabin and Hardy will start the action next week. Dixie has her wheel, which is essentially the Raw Roulette. It determines that next weeks match will be a Full Metal Mayhem match.

We get a recap of Roode and Angle's feud.

Roode is out first, followed by Angle.

Kurt Angle vs Booby Roode

The bell rings and they lock up. They switch holds in the corner, and Angle backs off. They lock up again, and Angle hits a go behind takedown, but Roode counters into the crossface. Angle fights out and quickly locks in the ankle lock, but Roode quickly heads to the ropes. Roode scores with a knee strike and shot to the head. He takes Angle into the turnbuckle and chops away. He beats Angle to his knees, but Angle gets up and hits a clothesline, then a belly-to-belly suplex and a clothesline.

Roode goes to the outside but Angle chases after him. Angle goes for a belly-to-belly on the outside, but Roode rakes the eyes and plows Angle back first into the apron as we go to commercial.

We are back and Roode has the advantage inside the ring. Roode locks in a reverse bear hug on Angle. Kurt gets to his feet, but Roode switches it to an abdominal stretch. Angle fights out of it and hits a german suplex. He holds on to the suplex and hits two more. Roode fights out, but misses a clothesline and eats another german. Angle holds on and hits two more suplexes for a grand total of six. Angle covers for a two count.

Angle goes for the Angle Slam but Roode counters into an armdrag and hits a spinebuster for a two counts. He goes for a firemans carry, but Angle slips out and locks in the ankle lock. Roode counters out and locks in a crossface. Angle is in the crossface for a long time, but he grabs the ankle and locks in the ankle lock. Roode teases tapping out, but returns back into the crossface.

Angle rolls Roode back for a two count, and Roode goes into a grounded crucifix for a two count. Roode locks in the crossface again and Angle teases tapping out. Angle tries to roll Roode back but he slips through to keep it locked in. Angle gets up and hits an Angle Slam to break the hold. Angle covers for a two count, and takes down the straps and latches on the ankle lock.

Roode is close to tapping, but he hits a grounded victory roll for a two count. Roode then hits a fireman's carry into a neckbreaker for a two-count. Roode and Angle both get up and Angle gets a single leg take down and locks in the ankle lock. Roode tries to get out, but Kurt holds on and grapevines the ankle. Roode extends and just grabs the ropes. Loud "This is awesome" chants.

Kurt picks Roode up and sits him on top of the turnbuckle. Angle looks for the Angle Slam off the top, but Roode knocks him off to the map. Angle gets back up and runs up the ropes for a super belly-to-belly suplex. Angle crawls over for the cover but can only get two.

Both men are down and the ref begins to count. Roode is up at seven but Kurt is not moving. The ref calls for the bell and Roode is declared the winner.

Winner: Bobby Roode

Angle rolls back onto his back as refs attend to Kurt. Roode looks confused and begins to walk up the ramp. We get a replay of the super belly-to-belly which Tenay and Taz are attributing to Angle being injured. Angle is sort of spazzing out on the mat as Impact goes off the air.

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