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We start with a recap of last weeks episode. They show Hogan quitting TNA and AJ getting the better of Bully. TNA is in Tulsa, Oklahoma tonight.

Dixie Carter makes her way to the ring and gets a microphone. She says that last week we all saw how selfish and egotistical he was. She says that his name (Hulk Hogan) will never be mentioned in her company again. She says that she was the one who offered Hogan a job out of the goodness of her heart and she does not need anyone. Not Bischoff, not Hogan, not Stephanie Levesque. She says that she does not need AJ, and that she asked him to leave nicely last week, but he snuck in and jumped in a match that he had no reason to be in. She asks what AJ is thinking? She says that he is not needed here and that this time she is welcoming him in.

She says that her hardworking world champ needs a break and that Bully is going to gave carte blanche to pick the stipulation for their world title match. Sting comes out and Dixie says that she is wide awake now and that now the guys in the back need to wake up and realize that they are all under review, including Sting. She says Sting picked Hogan to be GM, and we all know how that worked out. She says that this past week he inserted himself into her postion, making a match for himself with Magnus. She asks if Sting wants to be like AJ and to not have a contract. She says that he walked TNA to the edge of a cliff last week, and Sting will wrestle AJ tonight. Also, before his match Sing will team with Magnus against Kaz and Daniels.

Dixie says that Sting built the expectations for BFG already and now they have to keep the ball rolling. She says that if Magnus or Sting lose tonight, they will both not be at BFG. She says that Sting's future is in the palm of her hand. She calls him Steve and wishes him good luck.

Tenay and Taz put over how hardcore Dixie is being and how Sting and Magnus have to prove themselves tonight. Tenay announces that EGO has started their HOF, and that Aries vs Jeff Hardy is coming up next. They show Aries in the back and he says he is sick of seeing Hardy trying to steal his spot. Aries says that Hardy needs ladders and high spots to get over, and Aries is a wrestler and does not need that crap. He says that he will win Ultimate X, and eventually the world title.

AJ is shown backstage and is asked about Bully's revenge. AJ says he is not concerned and that he does not back down from a fight. He says he is going to make Dixie pay, and that after BFG he is going to have both power and leverage.

Aries is out first and Tenay puts over how Aries is mad that Hardy one-upped him last week. Hardy is out next and we are ready to go.

Jeff Hardy vs Austin Aries

They lock up and Hardy works the arm of Aries. Aries gets back up while Hardy does some bad dancing. They lock up again and Aries impressively takes down Hardy. Both men get up and Aries taunts Hardy in the corner. They lock up a third time and Hardy muscles Aries into the corner. Aries gets the elbow up and goes for a axe handle, but is caught by Hardy into an inverted atomic drop. Aries gets up and takes Hardy back down and wears him down with some strikes.

Aries hits the ropes and hits an elbow to the back. He picks up Hardy and elbows him into the corner. Hardy fights out but eats a clothesline into a bulldog by Aries for a two count. Aries hits a elbow drop for another two count and locks in a chinlock. Hardy fights out with a jawbreaker and sort of hits a head scissors that sends Aries out to the floor. Hardy hits a kick through the ropes and then hits a flying clothesline off of the apron. We then go to commercials.

We come back and Hardy is in control. He takes Aries down and hits a dropkick to Aries' back. Hardy misses a splash in the corner and Aries hits a knee drop onto Hardy. He hits a second and covers for a two count. Aries boxes Hardy's ears and Hardy fights out and hits the ropes, but Aries sidesteps him and throws Hardy out of the ring.

The ref counts Hardy while Aries climbs the turnbuckle and hits a double axe handle onto the floor. Aries taunts around the ring and climbs the turnbuckle a second time. Aries goes up and hits a second double axe handle onto Hardy. He tosses Hardy into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle. Aries goes for a missile dropkick but Hardy gets out of the way. Hardy hits a flying forearm and then the crotch legdrop and then a dropkick for a two count.

Hardy goes for a head scissors but Aries catches him and sits Hardy on the ropes and hits a neckbreaker. Aries hits the missile dropkick and then goes for a corner dropkick but Hardy gets the boots up and hits the powerbomb face buster. Hardy goes for the twist of fate but Aries pushes him off. Hardy runs up the turnbuckle and hits the whisper in the wind. Hardy goes for the swanton but Aries knocks him off the ropes. Aries climbs up and hits a sick avalanche brainbuster for the three count.

Winner: Austin Aries

After the match Samoa Joe comes out and congratulates Aries. Joe says that last week Aries put himself in the X Division championship match, and that Hardy came out and made it an X division match. Joe says that these microphones seem to have some magical booking power, and that now Joe is going to be in the X divsion match at BFG. He tells Hardy, Aries, Manik, and Sabin better look out, because at BFG, Joe is going to kill you.

We see Robbie E and Jesse talk in the back. Jesse asks about how Robbie E lost to EY and Joseph Parks, but Robbie E says it is nothing like losing to a girl. Jesse says he is going to solve their biggest problem right now and we go to commercials.

We are back and JB is with EY and Joseph Park advertising a car trip that EY and Parks are doing where you can check where they are on TNA's website. EY gets out of the car and says that ODB has a match and they have to be there.

We go to the Bromans in the ring and Jesse calls out ODB. ODB and EY come out to the ring and it appears we are going to have a match.

Jesse Godderz vs ODB

Jesse talks some smack to ODB who chops away at Jesse. ODB then grabs Jesse's face and smothers it in her chest. ODB goes for a rollup for a two count. ODB gets up but Robbie E hooks her leg and brings her down. EY comes over and brawls up the ramp with Robbie. Back in the ring both ODB and Jesse get up and some music hits. Lei D'Tapa comes out and stairs at ODB. D'Tapa jumps into the ring and beats down ODB. Tenay and Taz put over D'Tapa's size as she hits an firemans carry into a jawbreaker and stands over ODB with the Knockouts title.

Result: No Contest

Tenay and Taz hype the upcoming tag match and we get a shot of Bully talking about a revenge match against AJ. He is on his way to talk about it right now, as we go to commercial.

We come back and Aces and 8's are fighting in the back. Knux is mad at Bully for their dwindling numbers. Bully turns it around on Ken Anderson and convinces them that it his fault for breaking them apart. Bully says that now he has the chance to get his revenge. He points at Knux and Garrett and says he wants them to take out AJ Styles, so it will be because of them Bully is going to come out on top.

We see Sting and Magnus talking in the back. They talk about their match and Sting talks about how big BFG is and Magnus says that it his biggest match of his career. They agree to focus on the match and to not think about the match.

We see EGO talking behind a curtain and Kaz and Daniels pop out. Kaz says that nobody gets into see the wizard and that they will see him when he is ready. We then go to commercial.

We are back and they hype tonight's matches and Kurt Angles return and his induction into the hall of fame.

Bad Influence comes down paradoying Dumb and Dumber with Kaz and Daniels wearing hideous suits. They step up to a podium and Daniels says that tonight the stars have aligned and Bobby Roode will be directed into the EGO Hall of Fame. Kaz says that their are a lot of fraudulent hall of fames, and that EGO is going to make things right. Kaz hypes Roode and says that he once got busy in a Tim Horton's bathroom and introduces Roode.

Roode comes down in a normal suit and sits down in a huge wooden chair. Daniels and Kaz unveil a portrait of Roode and Kaz says that he could write a novel about all of Roodes accomplishments, but instead he made him a video. We get a video package that is pretty hilarious as they totally gush over Roode. They take Kurt Angle's video package and just dub over "Kurt Angle" with "Bobby Roode" when the wrestlers are talking.

Daniels says that Roode deserves to be in the Hall of Fame because he is the longest reigning world champion in TNA history and asks Roode to step up to the podium. Roode steps up and thanks everyone. He says that he needs to thank two amazing individuals: Kaz and Daniels, Roode pretends to break down and says that without Kaz or Daniels EGO would never have taken place and that there is one more individual that needs to be recognized. An individual who without the passion, desire, heart and god given talent, EGO would never take place. The individual is himself, and Roode puts himself over.

Roode says that he is the man who is deserving of the HOF induction and not Kurt Angle, and that the only reason Kurt is being inducted into the HOF is because of the fans. He asks what has Angle done lately? Roode puts himself over and talks about carrying the company on his back, and what has Angle done? He asks where Kurt Angle is now and Angle's music hits and Angle comes down the ramp.

Angle takes off his shirt and Roode is going ballistic in the ring, Angle heads down the ramp with a mic. Angle says that he has been gone a little while and ask if Daniels and Kaz are Roode's girlfriends. He suplexes both Kaz and Daniels and tries to get the ankle lock on Roode, but Roode escapes. Angle announces that it will be Roode and Angle at BFG.

A number one contenders match for the KO's title is coming up next between Velvet Sky and Miss Tessmacher as we go to commercial.

We come back and Roode is pissed off backstage. He says that Angle made the biggest mistake of his life and that he accepts Angle's challenge.

Velvet comes out holding her ribs and they show Tapa laying her out last week. Sabin is with her, and Brooke comes out alone.

#1 Contenders Match For The Knockout's Title: Velver Sky vs Brooke Tessmacher

The bell rings and Sky knocks Brooke down. They lock up and Brooke gets Sky into the corner. Velvet takes her over and whips her into the turnbuckle and misses a splash. Brooke begins to unwrap Sky's ribs and works her over on the ropes. She kicks Velvet in the abs and tosses her out of the ring. Brooke brings her back in and shakes her beautiful ass on the apron. Velvet takes advantage of the taunting and hits some clothesline and then a kick to the face.

Sky hits a running bulldog which is good for a two count. They both get up and Velvet hits a neckbreaker. Sky clutches her ribs and she rolls over to talk to Sabin. While Velvet is talking to Sabin, Brooke gets up and rolls Sky up for the three count with a schoolboy.

Winner and Number One Contender for the KO's title: Brooke Tessmacher

They hype Sting and Magnus coming out next for their match against Kaz and Daniels.

We get a video from earlier of Ethan entering the arena. We see some weird promo package with fire and explosions and they announce Ethan as "Ethan Carter the Third."

They run down the card for BFG.

The tag team match is starting and Bad Influence are out first. Out next is Sting and Magnus and they come out under Sting's music.

Sting and Magnus vs Bad Influence; if Sting or Magnus lose their match at Bound For Glory is canceled

Magnus and Daniels start off and Daniels gets the advantage. Magnus fights out and hits a scoop slam into a suplex. He tags in Sting (who is wearing a T-Shirt) and Sting works on Daniels. Daniels hits some punches and tags in Kaz. Sing hits a few clotheslines and tags in Magnus. Sting and Magnus run into each other and Bad Influence takes advantage. Sting is beatdown by Daniels on the outside while Kaz works on Magnus in the ring as we go to commercial.

We come back and Kaz and Daniels are working on Magnus. Kaz hits a dropkick and pushes Magnus into the corner and tags in Daniels. Daniels hits a top rope stomp onto Magnus and taunts Sting. Daniels locks in a chinlock on Magnus. Magnus gets up and hits the ropes, but Daniels cuts him off with a shoulder to the gut.

Daniels tags in Kaz and Kaz hits a neckbreaker for a two count. He tags in Daniels and Daniels locks in another chinlock. Magnus fights out and they trade fists in the ring. Daniels hits a jawbreaker but Magnus gets up and hits a nice clothesline. Magnus gets up and makes the hot tag to Sting.

Sting comes in and takes down Kaz. Sting hits a dropkick and then a facebuster. He goes for a pin but Daniels breaks it up. Daniels is tossed out by Magnus, who gets the tag and hits an elbow off the top. Magnus locks in a cloverleaf but it is broken up by Daniels. Sting makes a blind tag and hits the Scorpion Deathdrop for the three count.

Winner: Sting and Magnus

After the match Magnus stares down Sting for tagging himself in and getting the victory. Sting celebrates in the ring but Magnus heads to the back.

Dixie runs into AJ in the back and Dixie wants to talk to AJ, saying that he does not have to do this. She hands him a check and says that he can buy anything with that check. She insults AJ and where he lives, saying how much money that is for someone in Gainesville. AJ says you can buy a lot of stuff with that money, but you can't buy him and he rips the check apart. We then go to commercials.

We are back and Aces and 8's are coming out for their handicap match against AJ Styles. Bully comes over and kicks Mike Tenay out of his seat and Bully sits down and puts on a headset. AJ is out next to an okay pop. Bully and Taz run down AJ on the mic and Bully puts himself over.

Handicapped Match: AJ Styles vs Knux and Garrett Bischoff

They start off fast with AJ taking on Garrett. Garrett and AJ change holds and AJ hits a splash in the corner. AJ hits a knee drop on Garrett and Bully praises Dixie's new attitude. AJ works over Garrett and hits a series of kicks and elbows. AJ hits a series of boots on Garret as the crowd goes crazy. AJ hits a boot to the face but Garrett tags in Knux.

Knux picks up AJ and hangs him up on the tope rope. Knuck hits a slingshot onto the bottom rope for a two count. Bully says that he wants to take AJ away from the fans. Knux tags in Garrett who trades blows with AJ and hits a double underhook suplex and tags in Knux. Knux climbs the second rope but misses a legdrop.

AJ and Knux both get to their feet and AJ takes out both Garrett and Knux. He hits a spin kick on Garrett and then a springboard forearm onto Knux. Bischoff holds AJ for Knux to hit AJ, but Knux hits Bischoff and eats a Pele kick. AJ rolls up Garrett and gets the three count.

Winner: AJ Styles

After the match, Aces and 8s jump AJ and Bully hits the ring and orders Knux and Garrett to stay put. Bully whips AJ with his chain and stands over AJ. Bully is obviously frustrated with Knux and Garrett, and he yells at Knux for not getting the job done. AJ gets up, but Bully back body drops him over the ropes and onto the ramp. Bully gets in AJ's face and talks trash to him about their upcoming match as Impact goes off the air.

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