Tonight at WWE Battleground, the Divas Championship will be on the line as AJ Lee defends the butterfly-emblazoned belt against Brie Bella. Promoting the bout on the WWE App, Natalya and Eva Marie spoke to Tom Phillips, where they announced that they are rooting for their Total Divas co-star in her match against Lee. During the interview, Eva Marie rattles the third-generation wrestler with her proclamation that she could be the No. 1 contender?Eva Marie has competed in one match thus far, a non-televised tag team bout at SummerSlam Axxess in August.

Natalya said, “I’m actually really excited to see what’s going to happen at Battleground. As much as I wanted to be the No. 1 contender for the Divas Championship, I’m happy that Brie is going to get a chance to make a stand against AJ and really put her in her place for all the things she’s done to us Total Divas. I am looking forward to AJ getting beaten.”

Eva Marie then remarks, “Now Nattie, I know you want to be No. 1 contender. I know you’re a little hurt that you’re not in Brie’s spot right now, aren’t you? I mean let’s be honest, I think I can be No. 1 contender, but I’ll be rooting for Brie.”

Natalya snaps back, “Yeah, you really could be No. 1 contender. I’d like to see you do a headlock takeover first.” Eva Marie responds, “Absolutely, no problem. I’m just being honest.”

Natalya then resumes talking about the match: “What we’re trying to say is that all us Total Divas are excited about seeing AJ Lee without the Divas Championship on Sunday at Battleground. If it’s Brie Bella that does it, then so be it.”

To watch the video interview, click here.