Triple H On If Relationship With HBK Is Strained, Comments On Ripping Superstars On RAW posted another storyline interview with Triple H by Michael Cole today. Triple H started the interview by saying that he was tight on time, and requested that they continue the discussion on SmackDown this Friday (full SmackDown spoilers are here).

Triple H said that the incidents over the past few weeks have not had any effect on his relationship with Shawn Michaels, and their relationship goes beyond what happens in the ring. He said that they speak on the phone all the time and rarely discuss business. He said that while they don't always agree on business, they have similar philosophies about the business and their personal lives.

As for Michaels' comments on RAW about him changing, Triple H said that they didn't bother him. He said that Michaels doesn't fully understand his role, and that no one can unless they've had his responsibilities. He said that he can still be a fun loving guy when he wants to, but that he has to take care of business as well.

Triple H admitted that Daniel Bryan was "exceptional" in the ring and may have gone over the top suggesting that Michaels wasted his time training him. In regards to the names he mentioned during his promo on RAW (Chris Jericho, Edge, Rob Van Dam), he said that he wasn't putting them down and that they're all great. While he admits that Bryan is great, he sayid that he's not "the one." He said that if Bryan disagrees with his assessment that he is a B+ player, then Bryan should prove him wrong.

Cole finished the interview by stating that a lot of people - including himself - feel that Shawn Michaels is the wrong person to referee Sunday's Hell In A Cell match because he won't be bullied by him. Triple H said that he hasn't intimidated any referees and that he's excited that Michaels is the special referee. Triple H also said that Michaels "will do the right thing," and that's all he wants. He finished by saying that Bryan just has to do one thing this Sunday, and that is to step inside the Cell and prove him wrong.

You can watch the full interview by clicking here.


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