WWE.com posted their latest storyline interview with Triple H by Michael Cole today. Triple H started the interview by discussing Randy Orton winning the WWE Championship at Hell In A Cell last Sunday. Cole said that he must be happy, but Triple H said that it wasn’t about what he wanted, but rather what’s best for business. Triple H said “I told you so,” in regards to Orton being the face of WWE.

As to why he didn’t save Shawn Michaels when he was put in the “Yes Lock” by Daniel Bryan on RAW this past Monday night, Triple H said that Michaels came up to him and asked him to let him handle the situation by himself. Triple H said that karma comes back to bite people, and that Bryan got what was coming to him by getting attacked by the Wyatt Family. Triple H noted that Bryan was sent to a hospital while Michaels walked out of the arena that night. Triple H didn’t feel bad for Bryan because he got what he deserved.

Michael Cole noted that David Otunga feels that WWE should take The Big Show’s lawsuit very seriously. Triple H cut Cole off while Cole was reading Otunga’s statement, and said that as of this moment, The Big Show is banned from WWE for life.

You can watch the full interview by clicking here.