Triple H Talks Rhodes Family, Big Show's Crying, Being In The Same Arena As Big Show, More

Michael Cole once again interviewed WWE COO Triple H on, which you can watch at this link. Here are highlights from the storyline interview:

- About The Rhodes Family being attacked on RAW, Triple H said that he guaranteed their safety like he guarantees the safety of all WWE Superstars. They accepted a proposition to put them back in the game, and physicality is a part of it.

- If Cody Rhodes and Goldust win this Sunday at Battleground, he guarantees that they will get their WWE jobs, while Dusty Rhodes will keep his job at NXT. He said this is good for business, and asks what is better than a redemption story.

- With The Big Show, he went to an extreme by mocking him on SmackDown last week. He's tired of Big Show crying about his personal problems, stating that he's not the only one with financial and personal problems. He said that no one wants to see a giant cry about their issues, and he mocked him to show the rest of the world how he looks. Triple H said the whining needs to stop.

- Triple H said Big Show went to his office on RAW this past Monday knowing that he had already left the arena. Triple H called it a veiled threat, and that Show knew that there were no repercussions with him not being there.

- Triple H said that he's not concerned being in the same arena as The Big Show for SmackDown. He said that he's been trying to help Big Show, and that he's been given a main event slot this Friday to earn main event money. Triple H said booking The Big Show in a handicap match on SmackDown is best for business, and it's best for The Big Show.

You can watch the full interview at this link. You can check out SmackDown spoilers here.


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