WWE Battleground: Cody Rhodes And Goldust Vs. Seth Rollins And Roman Reigns

- We get a recap video for the Rhodes family storyline.

- Renee Young is backstage with Cody Rhodes, Dusty Rhodes and Goldust. Dusty talks about family and being together. He says no matter what happens, they will leave Buffalo with their heads held high. Goldust says tonight, they will expose the Hounds of Justice for what they are - the authority's puppets. Cody puts over his dad and brother. He says there is no length he won't go to protect his family's future. Cody says tonight, they fight for their lives and their family.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns

We go to the ring and our first comes The Shield. WWE Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns head to the ring with United States Champion Dean Ambrose. Out next comes Cody Rhodes and Goldust with their father Dusty, to his theme song. If Team Rhodes wins this one, Cody gets his job back with WWE and Dusty gets to keep his NXT job. If they lose, they're gone from WWE for good.

Cody starts things out with Rollins. Cody ducks and goes to work on Rollins, taking him to the corner. Reigns comes in and gets sent to the corner where Goldust gets some shots in. Goldust tags in and they double team Reigns but Rollins pulls him to safety. The Shield discuss strategy at ringside now. They walk towards Dusty at ringside and we get a 3 on 3 staredown. Goldust hits the ring and waits on Reigns. They go at it and trade shots. Goldust runs over Reigns and tags in Cody for a little double teaming. Rollins tags in and keeps Cody down in The Shield's corner.

Rhodes turns it around and takes Rollins to another corner for a beatdown. Rollins ducks a clothesline and sends Cody into the turnbuckle. Reigns comes in and runs over Cody with a shoulder. Reigns with a 2 count. Rollins comes in off the top with some double teaming as they keep Cody in their corner again. Cody looks to fight them both off but Rollins takes him to the top. A "we want Goldust" chant starts up. Cody fights Rollins and Reigns off. He nails a big moonsault on Rollins. Goldust and Reigns come in on tags. Goldust unloads and hits the big right hand. Goldust with an atomic drop and a kick to the face. Goldust mounts Reigns with right hands in the corner now. Reigns misses a splash in the corner. Goldust goes to the top and hits a big crossbody for a 2 count.

More back and forth. Goldust misses a clothesline and flies out to the ring in front of Rollins and Ambrose. Cody comes over to even things up. Rollins tosses Goldust into the barrier as the referee counts. Goldust makes it back in at the 9 count. 2 count by Rollins and the beatdown continues. Reigns tags in and they keep Goldust in their corner as Dusty looks on. Reigns keeps Goldust grounded with a headlock. Goldust finally fights out Reigns hits a big flying clothesline for another 2 count. Reigns drags Goldust back to their corner and tags in Rollins for more offense on Goldust. Goldust blocks a shot off the ropes and goes for a tag but it's blocked. Reigns tags back in. Another tag to Rollins. He runs the ropes but Goldust catches him in a big powerslam. Cody finally tags in and goes at it with Rollins with a springboard dropkick. Reigns goes down. More offense on Rollins.

Cody with an Alabama Slam and a 2 count on Rollins. Cody charges in the corner but Rollins blocks him. Cody with a muscle buster out of the corner. Cody covers for 2 as Reigns breaks the pin. Goldust takes out Reigns but Reigns hits Goldust and sends him to the floor. Cody with a Disaster Kick on Reigns. Cody clotheslines Reigns to the floor. Ambrose gets up but Cody knocks him off the apron. Ambrose distracts Cody, allowing Rollins to attack from behind. Dusty approaches Ambrose and throws his hat at him. Dusty hits a right hand and a bionic elbow on Ambrose. The crowd pops as Ambrose retreats from Dusty. Goldust stops Reigns from attacking Dusty on the floor. Rollins with a roll up on Cody for 2. Cody nails Cross Rhodes for the win.

Winners: Cody Rhodes and Goldust

- After the match, the Rhodes family celebrates in the ring as Dusty's music plays. Dusty gets to keep his job and Cody gets his job back. We go to replays. The Rhodes family ends up on the stage where a bunch of WWE agents and Superstars from the locker room come out to celebrate with them.


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