WWE Battleground: Rob Van Dam Vs. Alberto Del Rio (World Title Hardcore Match)

- The 2013 WWE Battleground pay-per-view kicks off with a promo video for tonight's matches.

Hardcore Rules Match for the World Heavyweight Title: Rob Van Dam vs. Alberto Del Rio

We go right to the ring and out first comes Rob Van Dam with Ricardo Rodriguez. World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio is out next.


We get official introductions from Lilian Garcia before the match. Ricardo handles the intro for RVD. Del Rio insists Lilian introduce him in Spanish. Del Rio strikes first and beats RVD down to the mat. Del Rio with a suplex and a 2 count. The announcers talk about Sandow injuring his knee during the pre-show. Del Rio goes under the ring but RVD baseball slides and kicks him into the barrier. RVD follows and works Del Rio over on the floor. RVD with a moonsault off the barrier. RVD brings it back in the ring and grabs a steel chair. Del Rio blocks him. RVD springboards in with a DDT and drops Del Rio on the chair for a 2 count.

Del Rio turns it around with a Backstabber and a 2 count. Del Rio grabs the steel chair and hits RVD in the gut with it. Del Rio with chair shots to the back now. 2 count for Del Rio. Del Rio with a chinlock now. Del Rio with kicks to the back and more offense including a big kick to the face. Del Rio wedges a chair into the turnbuckles but turns around to a big kick from RVD. RVD chokes Del Rio with a boot now. RVD brings a ladder from under the ring and the fans pop. Del Rio grabs the ladder and they struggle for it. Del Rio goes down. RVD comes back in the ring with a thrust kick from the top. RVD stands the ladder up in the corner. RVD with more kicks. RVD whips Del Rio hard into the ladder and he flies out to the floor.


RVD brings it back in the ring for a 2 count. Fans chant for tables. RVD with more kicks to the head. RVD whips Del Rio into the ladder again and he follows up with a heel kick. RVD goes for a catapult off of the ladder but it's blocked. Del Rio lands a big enziguri. The ladder falls on top of RVD and Del Rio stomps on it. Del Rio takes control of the match now. Del Rio gets a trash can from under the ring and beats RVD with it. Del Rio with fingers to the mouth now. Del Rio comes off the second rope with the trash can but RVD kicks it into his face. RVD makes a comeback now. RVD lays the ladder flat on the mat in front of the turnbuckles and slams Del Rio on top of it. RVD with a split legged moonsault on top of Del Rio and the ladder. RVD covers for a 2 count. More offense from RVD. Del Rio falls on top of a ladder. RVD goes for Rolling Thunder on top of it but Del Rio moves and RVD lands bad. Del Rio goes for the cross armbreaker and locks it in. Ricardo runs in and nails Del Rio with the bucket, breaking the hold. RVD rolls Del Rio up from behind for a 2 count. Del Rio tosses RVD out to the floor and he lands on a trash can. Del Rio has words with Ricardo in the ring. Ricardo hands him the bucket but stops and kicks him below the belt. Ricardo nails Del Rio with the bucket and they go to the floor. Del Rio throws Ricardo hard into the barrier. Del Rio lays Ricardo out with a big kick. RVD runs back in and kicks the ladder into Del Rio's face. Del Rio falls to the floor with the ladder on top of him. RVD nails a splash from the apron to Del Rio and the ladder.


RVD brings Del Rio back in the ring and covers for a 2 count. Fans chant for tables again. RVD grabs a chair instead and they pop. RVD goes to the top with the chair for a Van Terminator across the ring. Del Rio moves and RVD lands hard. Del Rio grabs the chair and sets it up. RVD blocks him with a jawbreaker. RVD charges but Del Rio hits a drop toe hold, sending RVD face first into the chair. Del Rio with a superkick to the face. Del Rio wraps RVD's arm in the chair and stomps away. Del Rio applies the cross armbreaker with the chair still wrapped around RVD's arm and RVD taps out for the win.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

- After the match, we go to replays. Del Rio celebrates at ringside as RVD tries to recover in the ring. No cash in by Damien Sandow.