WWE Hell In A Cell: Brie Bella Vs. AJ Lee (Divas Title Match)

- We go back to the panel to talk about tonight's show.

WWE Divas Title Match: Brie Bella vs. AJ Lee

WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee is out first with Tamina Snuka. Brie Bella is out next with her sister Nikki. Some taunting and lots of back and forth to start the match. AJ sends Brie to the floor and Tamina approaches. AJ follows and brings Brie back in for a 2 count.

AJ keeps control and chokes Brie with the ropes. AJ with a neckbreaker. AJ skips around and laughs as fans cheer. Brie cuts her off with a knee to the gut. AJ blocks a neck breaker but gets caught in a bear hug. AJ backs Brie into the corner and breaks the hold. Brie nails a missile dropkick. More back and forth. Brie counters the Black Widow and rolls AJ up with a half crab. Tamina gets on the apron but Nikki pulls her down and they go at it. AJ makes it to the ropes and breaks the hold. Brie accidentally knocks Nikki off the apron when AJ moves out of the way. AJ applies the Black Widow for the win.

Winner: AJ Lee


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