– Renee Young is backstage with Daniel Bryan to talk about tonight’s main event. Bryan says he finally has a chance to where it’s just he and Randy Orton. And Shawn Michaels of course. Bryan says he hopes Michaels will be a fair referee and do what’s best for business. Bryan says it was Miami where the “yes!” phenomenon started. Bryan says he will reward everyone here and everyone who’s fought from the bottom by winning the WWE Title. Bryan gets a big “yes!” chant going in the arena.

– The Cell is still around the ring because they are helping Paul Heyman down. The announcers talk about tonight’s main event.

Los Matadores vs. Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro

We go to the ring and out comes Fernando and Diego, Los Matadores, with their bull El Torito. Zeb Colter is out next with Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro. Zeb cuts a promo and says Los Matadores belong in a jail cell because they’re illegals. Zeb says the same thing could be said about 80% of the fans in attendance tonight. Zeb runs down Torito. Torito tries to charge him but Matadores hold him back. Zeb calls them border hopping banditos.

Cesaro starts things off with Diego and they go at it. Cesaro goes down after a hurricanrana. More offense from Diego. Cesaro blocks a head scissors takedown and sends Diego to the floor. Swagger tags in and takes out Diego’s knee on the floor. Swagger brings him back in the ring and nails a Swagger Bomb. Cesaro tags in for some double teaming and a 2 count. Real Americans keep control with moves in the corner and more tags. Swagger with big knees to the gut on Diego. Swagger drops him with a clothesline and tags back in Cesaro. Cesaro keeps Diego from making a tag.

Swagger gets dumped to the floor but Cesaro stops Diego from tagging. Cesaro knocks Fernando off the apron with a big boot. Diego rolls Cesaro up for 2. Cesaro hits a very long Cesaro Swing on Diego, probably the longest yet. Cesaro stumbles around but covers Diego for a 2 count as Fernando makes the save. Diego nails a kick. Swagger and Fernando tag in at the same time. Fernando takes control and leaps off the top with a forearm on Swagger. Fernando counters and hits a big DDT for 2 as Cesaro breaks the pin. Diego sends Cesaro to the floor and follows. Cesaro rams him into the barrier. Diego comes off the top on Swagger but Swagger knocks him out of mid-air. Swagger with the ankle lock on Diego. Cesaro pulls the rope back so he can’t reach it. Cesaro gets knocked to the floor. Matadores tag in and hit a double team move on Swagger for the win.

Winners: Los Matadores

– After the match, El Torito comes in the ring to celebrate with Los Matadores. Zeb crawls in the ring and he looks very upset. Matadores surround Zeb. Torito charges but ends up taking out Cesaro, who was trying to save Zeb. Torito sends Zeb to the floor and then leaps from the top out to the floor and takes out Swagger. Matadores and Torito celebrate in the ring as The Real Americans head up the ramp.