WWE Main Event Recap (W/ Video): Ryder Vs. Big E, 3MB Vs. TOF, Tamina Vs. Aksana

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- The opening package leads right into pyro and crowd shots. Josh Mathews welcomes us to the show. Tons of Funk make their entrance with The Funkadactyls. Alex Riley is also on commentary. 3MB makes its way to the ring. Lilian Garcia announces this as a 3-on-2 handicap match. A-Ry is wearing a sling and Josh asks how he is doing after his shoulder surgery. Riley says he is the toughest man on the planet and he is already back to work. (Now if we could just get him back in the ring. This kid is in his prime.)

Handicap Match: 3MB vs. Tons of Funk

Riley points out that TOF actually out-weigh 3MB and gives the duo the advantage in this match. Brodus Clay starts off with Heath Slater. Clay toys with Slater and grabs him by the hair then delivers a series of slams. Tensai tags in but Slater avoids the double team and tags Jinder Mahal. Tensai takes control of Mahal in the corner with a monkey flip and a delayed double underhook slam for 2.

Clay tags back in and resumes control of Mahal for 2. Tensai tags right back in; Jinder manages a flying knee to Tensai's face and tags Drew McIntyre who lands a dropkick for 2. Drew works Tensai over in the ropes. Slater's back in for strikes and a dropkick to Tensai's leg for 2. Slater with a side headlock. Tensai powers out and tosses Slater over the top. Drew revives Slater and tosses him back in. Clay and Jinder both tag in. Clay hits a fisherman suplex on Mahal and a splash in the corner. Clay slams Mahal and hits a splash off the 2nd turnbuckle; Drew breaks the count.

Tensai tosses Drew out of the ring and they mix it up at ringside. Slater tags in, unbeknownst to Clay, and kicks him in the head from the apron. Slater springs in with a corkscrew on Clay and gets the pin.

Winners by pin: 3MB

- Josh and Riley talk Hell in a Cell.

- Back from a break as Aksana makes her entrance followed by Tamina Snuka.

Aksana vs. Tamina Snuka

Tamina is all about business but Aksana puts a hand up for her to wait as she suggestively takes off her pink Divas shirt. Tamina attacks Aksana mid-strip and unloads with strikes. Aksana goes down. Tamina with kicks in the corner. Aksana creates space and takes over, focusing on the left arm of Tamina. Aksana with a side slam; she crawls around the ring like a cat and Tamina knees her in the face from her back on the mat.

Tamina stomps Aksana on the canvas and the ref calls her off. Tamina with a knee to the face and gets a 1. Aksana fights back and connects with a swinging neckbreaker for 2. Aksana misses with a dropkick and Tamina drops her across her knee and kicks Aksana in the face for the win.

Winner by pin: Tamina Snuka

- After a break, Josh and Riley send to footage from RAW of Stephanie firing and slapping Big Show.

- Zack Ryder makes his entrance. Big E Langston enters after a commercial.

Zack Ryder vs. Big E Langston

Langston manhandles Ryder in the corner and slaps him in the face. Ryder answers back and unloads with shots. Langston rams him with a shoulder and drops Ryder. Big E goes to a side headlock. Ryder makes it to his feet uses his speed to turn it around with a forearm to the face. Ryder with a dropkick; Langston rolls to the floor. Ryder stays right on top of him with another dropkick under the bottom ropes.

Back from a commercial with Ryder in control in the ring with a headlock on the mat. Big E powers out and tosses Ryder off. Langston with several methodical strikes to Ryder's stomach. Ryder kicks out at 2. Big E with a side bearhug; Ryder makes it out but Big E hits a belly-to-belly for 2. Langston slaps Ryder around on the mat.

Langston runs the ropes and goes for a splash but Ryder moves and Langston connects with the canvas. Ryder with his signature double knee in the corner. He follows up with a dropkick to the back of Langston's head and connects with the Broski Boot. Langston escapes to the floor to avoid being pinned. Ryder gives chase and Langston tosses him around at ringside.

Langston sends Ryder back in and Ryder almost pins him out of nowhere. Ryder tries to drop Big E in the corner with elbows. Langston stops the 3rd attempt and powers Ryder to the mat. Big E takes Ryder's head off with a clothesline and drops him in the Big Ending for the win.

Winner by pin: Big E Langston

- We go to Vickie Guerrero's announcement from RAW of John Cena's return. Josh sells the match at Hell in a Cell for the world title and we go off the air.


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