WWE Main Event Recap With Video: Ziggler Vs. Sandow, Real Americans Vs. Prime Time Players, More

Goldust (with Cody Rhodes) vs. Seth Rollins (with Roman Reigns)

The two lock up and Goldust locks in Rollins' head. Rollins gets out and Goldust hits a pair of shoulder knockdowns. Rollins exits the ring and confers with Reigns. Rollins gets back in the ring and locks in Goldust's head. Goldust shoves him off and hits a pair of hip tosses. Rollins leaves the ring and talks with Reigns again. Rollins gets back in the ring and Goldust taunts him. Rollins hits Goldust with multiple strikes. He stomps Goldust on the mat and slams his face into the turnbuckle twice. Rollins tries again, but Goldust reverses and slams his head into the turnbuckle. Goldust goes to work on Rollins's arm.

Rollins reverses and attacks Goldust in the corner. He hits Goldust with a snap mare and then kicks him in the back. Rollins locks in Goldust's head on the mat. Goldust gets to his feet. Rollins whips him. Goldust hangs onto the ropes. Rollins charges and Goldust backdrops him to the outside. Goldust follows and attacks Rollins. Reigns distracts Goldust and Rollins sends him into the barrier.

Back from commercial and Rollins is in control. He has Goldust's head locked in on the mat. Goldust gets out and kicks Rollins in the gut repeatedly. Rollins comes back with a forearm that knocks Goldust down. He locks in Goldust's head again. Goldust gets to his feet and hits a quick pin attempt for a two count. Rollins power whips Goldust into the corner. He slaps Goldust's head and power whips him into another corner. Rollins whips Goldust again and charges, but Goldust hits a powerslam. Goldust hits several headshots and a clothesline.

Goldust lands his signature uppercut, an atomic drop and a bulldog for a near pin fall. Rollins comes back by ramming Goldust into the corner. They exchange reversals and Rollins hits a kick to the head for a near pin fall. Rollins hits a flying elbow to Goldust in the corner. He goes up top and leaps off, but Goldust moves and hits a big Spinebuster for a near pin fall. Rollins rolls to the apron. Goldust pulls him up by his hair and hits a trio of headshots. Goldust runs and snaps Rollins's head across the top rope, making him fall outside. Goldust follows, sends Rollins into the barrier and hits a vertical Suplex.

Goldust gets in Reigns' face. Goldust goes to get back in the ring and Cody attacks Reigns. Rollins rolls Goldust up off the distraction for the win.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Then, the John Cena video from RAW showing his debut against Kurt Angle and his early years is shown.

The Real Americans (with Zeb Colter) vs. Prime Time Players

Swagger and Titus start off. Swagger takes it to Titus early, but Titus comes back and tosses Swagger behind him. Young tags in and PTP double shoulder block him. Young hits several strikes. Cesaro tags himself in. Young suplexes Swagger and Cesaro hits Young with a double boot stomp. Cesaro uppercuts Young. Swagger comes back in and drives his shoulder into Young's stomach. He clotheslines Young and hits the Swagger Bomb. Cesaro comes in and hits Young with another boot stomp. Young rolls out of the ring and Cesaro hits a running knee to the gut. He rolls Young back inside for a near pin fall.

Swagger comes back in and stomps Young. He slams Young's head into the corner and whips him over his shoulder. Young fights back and tries to get to Titus. Young hits Cesaro off the apron and kicks Swagger in the head. Young and Cesaro get tagged in. Titus hits a big boot and a body avalanche. Swagger gets in the ring and Titus hits a shoulder knockdown. Cesaro hits the Cesaro Swing off the distraction. He kicks Young off the apron and tags in Swagger. Swagger locks in the Patriot Lock. Titus taps.

Winners: The Real Americans

Next, a video showcasing the events between the Big Show, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon from RAW is shown, including the truck segment from the Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton contract signing.

The Funkadactyls vs. Alicia Fox and Aksana

Naomi and Fox start off. Naomi hits a quick roll up early on. Naomi hits a boot to the face. Cameron tags in and lands a hurricanrana. She whips Fox. Fox hangs onto the ropes. Fox kicks Cameron in the head. Aksana comes in and slams Cameron's head to the mat. Cameron tries for a quick roll up. Naomi gets tagged in and hits a lot of athletic kicks and jumps. Naomi drops a leg and Fox breaks up the pin attempt. Cameron gets hit off the apron. Fox and Aksana try to double team Naomi, but Cameron trips Fox up. Naomi hits Aksana with her flying butt bump for the win.

Winners: The Funkadactyls

Dolph Ziggler vs. Damien Sandow

They tie up. Ziggler has Sandow's head locked up. Sandow gets out and rams his shoulder into Ziggler's stomach in the corner. He aggressively attacks Ziggler. Ziggler fights back, but Sandow hits a big knee to the stomach. He rubs Ziggler's face across the mat. Sandow hits a bodyslam. He drives a knee into Ziggler's back and lock's his arm in. Ziggler fights to his feet, but Sandow tosses him to the mat. Ziggler comes back and hits a missile dropkick.

Ziggler hits a kick to the head. He charges Sandow and Sandow tosses him outside. Sandow slams Ziggler's head into the mat and rolls him back inside. Sandow hits the Elbow of Disdain for a near pin fall. Sandow exposes his knee and tries to drop it on Ziggler. Ziggler moves. Ziggler comes back with multiple strikes. Ziggler hits a clothesline and a takedown. Ziggler hits a leaping clothesline. He sends Sandow to the corner, goes up and hits 10 punches to the head. Ziggler hits the famouser for a near pin fall. Ziggler tries for the Zig Zag, but Sandow shoves him off and hits the full Nelson slam for the win.

Winner: Damien Sandow


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