WWE NXT Recap: Bo Dallas Invitational, Tag Titles Defended, Kassius Ohno TV Return, More

Fandango and Summer Rae vs. Emma and Santino Marella

Santino gets a huge pop and the entire crowd chants this is awesome as he and Emma get in the ring.

Santino and Fandango start things off. Fandango dances around and Santino mocks him. The crowd chants you got served. Fandango goes to kick Santino and Santino catches his foot. Santino tries to kick Fandango while still holding his leg and Fandango catches it. They hop around a bit and break up. Fandango hits a knee to the gut. He punches Santino in the face and rams his head into the turnbuckle. Fandango whips him and Santino uses the corner to leap over him as he charges. Santino puts up the cobra and Fandango bails out of the ring,


Back from commercial and Santino has Fandango in a submission. Fandango kicks out and the crowd chants this is awesome again. Fandango lands a kick to the gut and Santino comes back with a pair of arm drags. Fandango rolls over to Summer and tags her in. Santino tags Emma in. Emma tags Santino in and he and Fandango get back in the ring. Santino high fives Emma as he comes in and the ref counts it as a tag. The ref and Santino argue. It happens again.

Fandango drops Santino with a punch to the face. Fandango chokes Santino on the bottom rope. He distracts the ref and Summer chokes Santino as well. Fandango stomps him and hits a vertical Suplex. Santino leaps for a tag but goes to the wrong corner. Fandango hits an uppercut and then chokes Santino on the center rope in the corner. Summer slaps Santino as Fandango distracts the ref. Emma gets down and runs to confront Summer. Santino somersaults and dives for his corner to tag Emma, who isn't there.


Fandango drags Santino towards his corner and hits a stomp. Santino tries to spring up from his back but fails. Fandango stomps him and goes up top. Santino rolls towards the corner and Fandango gets down. Fandango gets up on the other corner and Santino rolls away towards the corner Fandango was just on. Fandango gets off and runs towards the other corner again, but Santino quickly rolls away as Fandango climbs. Fandango grabs Santino, but Santino counters into a backslide for a near pin fall.

Santino successfully springs up from his back and somersaults to his corner, tagging in Emma. Emma hits Summer with a pair of clotheslines. Summer whips Emma into the corner and charges, but Emma moves and locks Emma in a tarantula. Emma hits her corner crossbody for a two count. Santino gives Emma a cobra sleeve. He tells her how to do it and Emma turns around. Summer attacks her. Fandango tags himself in and as he's coming into the ring he seemingly accidentally kicks Emma.

Santino checks on her. Summer and Fandango charge Santino and Emma, and the faces hit a double hip toss. Santino and Emma hit a double Santino style diving headbutt. Emma gives the cobra to Santino and he hits it on Fandango for the win.


Winners: Santino Marella and Emma

A video of the Ascension is then shown where they talk about how they will win the tag titles tonight.

Kassius Ohno vs. Luke Harper

This is the first time Ohno has been on TV in four months.

Harper backs Ohno to the corner. He elbows Ohno in the head and then tosses him to the outside. He pulls Ohno back inside and tries to toss him out again, but Ohno grabs onto the ropes and stays on the apron. Harper charges and Ohno stops him. Ohno hit a big dropkick, but Harper quickly comes back with a strike to the face that knocks Ohno down. Harper punches Ohno in the face on the mat. He then steps on Ohno's chest. Harper hits a headbutt and drops an elbow.

Harper locks in Ohno's head in the mat. Ohno gets to his feet and runs Harper's head into the post. Ohno hits a series of strikes. Harper tries to kick, but Ohno grabs his foot and kicks Harper in the head. Harper falls out of the ring and Ohno hits a kick through the ropes. Ohno chops Harper in the chest and they head back in the ring. Ohno charges, but Harper lands a big boot. He charges Ohno in the corner. Harper hits the discus clothesline for the win.

Winner: Luke Harper

Then, Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady are backstage. They cut a funny promo about how they got their first loss. They said they will bounce back and that they're going to get revenge on Scott Dawson and Alexander Rusev for causing them the loss.


A Mojo Rawley hype video is then shown. His TV debut will be next week.

NXT Tag Team Championships
Adrian Neville and Corey Graves (c) vs. The Ascension

Neville and Victor start things off. They chain wrestle. Neville gets a dropkick to the chest. He kicks Victor in the chest, in the corner several times. Neville locks in Victor's head. Victor comes back with a shoulder knockdown. Victor tags in O'Brian. O'Brian hits several shoulder knockdowns. O'Brian tries to pin Neville twice. He kicks Neville in the gut and strikes him in the face. O'Brian tries for a vertical Suplex, but Neville counters out and tags in Graves.

Graves comes out of his corner, striking O'Brian in the face repeatedly. Graves kicks O'Brian in the chest and charges him, but O'Brian counters into a flapjack. Victor comes in and kicks Graves in the ribs. O'Brian back in with a kick to the ribs. Graves tries to fight back to no avail. O'Brian hits his opponents head between his knees move. Victor comes in and clubs Graves in the back.

Back from commercial and Victor has Graves in a submission. Graves fights out and hits a crossbody. He tries to tag in Neville, but Victor pulls him to his corner and tags in O'Brian. He hits a leg drop to the back of Graves's head. O'Brian locks Graves in a leg scissors. Victor tags in and stomps Graves in the back. He clubs Graves in the back. Graves fights to his feet, but Victor takes him to the corner. Victor hits a series of strikes, chops and uppercuts.


Victor tosses Graves to the mat on his back. He drives his knee into Graves's back and then wrenches his head back and around. Graves gets to his feet, but Victor tosses him to the corner. He drives his shoulder repeatedly into Graves's gut. Victor tosses him into the corner again. He charges, but Graves moves and Victor collides with the turnbuckle.

Neville tags in and kicks Victor repeatedly. He knocks Victor down and kicks O'Brian off the apron. Victor charges Neville. Neville backdrops him to the apron and then kicks him off. Neville takes them both out with a dive and sends Victor into the ring. Neville hits a springboard dropkick for a near pin fall. Neville goes up top for the corkscrew shooting star press, but O'Brian pulls Victor out of the way right before Neville lands.

Victor attempts to pin Neville, but Graves breaks it up and drags Neville back to his corner. Graves tags himself in. He charges Victor, but Victor hits a kick to the face. O'Brian tags in and the Ascension hit their sweep kick/flying corkscrew forearm combo for the win.

Winners and new NXT Tag Team Champions: The Ascension

Bo Dallas Invitational
If anyone can beat Dallas, they will get a future NXT Title shot


Bo Dallas vs. ?

The crowd chants let's go this guy! They shake hands and lock up. Unnamed wrestler gets a roll up attempt on Dallas. Dallas looks stunned. The crowd chants this guy! This guy! This guy! Dallas kicks him in the gut and clubs him in the back. Dallas hits him in the head and strikes him in the corner. Dallas hits a spear for the win.

Winner: Bo Dallas

After the match Dallas helps the guy roll out of the ring. He then picks the mic up and says he feels great. He says there has to be someone else back there that wants to participate. Leo Kruger walks out. Then, Antonio Cesaro walks out and tries to get in the ring. Kruger pulls him back out. He tries to get in the ring and Cesaro pulls him out. They both slide in and the crowd chants Triple Threat. Cesaro tells Kruger to go ahead and face Dallas. Kruger turns around to face Dallas and Cesaro attacks him from behind. Cesaro sends Kruger out of the ring. Dallas hits Cesaro from behind with a flying knee, sending him out of the ring as well.

Then, a wrestler runs down in the El Local mask.

Bo Dallas vs. Masked wrestler

Masked wrestler hits Dallas with a running boot to the head in the corner for the win.

Winner: Masked wrestler


After the match, he celebrates as the crowd chants Ole! He takes the mask off and it's Sami Zayn. Dallas looks on in horror, clutching his belt to end the show.