WWE Smackdown Recap With Video: Rhodes Family Vs. Wyatt Family, Sandow Vs. Del Rio, More

The show opens with a recap of the events that took place during the main event at WWE Battleground. Then, Big Show getting fired last week and then knocking out Triple H after the Daniel Bryan and Rhodes family vs. The Shield match is recapped.

Vickie Guerrero is then shown coming out to the ring. A recap of Alberto Del Rio sucking up to her last week is then shown, followed by her announcement of John Cena's return during the Del Rio vs. Ricardo Rodriguez match.

Back in the ring and Vickie has a mic. She says that last week, Triple H was struck by the Big Show and it was heinous. She calls Big Show a deviant and says he should have been fired a long time ago. She says that while the fans thought it was hilarious, Show's problems have only begun. She says Big Show's house went up for sale and that he is unemployed. Alberto Del Rio interrupts and comes down to the ring.

He says that Vickie needs to reconsider his match against John Cena at Hell in a Cell. She says it's what's best for business. Del Rio begs her and says it isn't fair. He asks if there is anything he can do to make her change her mind. She asks if he really thinks she is sexy. He says of course and speaks Spanish to her flirtatiously. She says if he wants her to reconsider he has to kiss her.

Del Rio kisses her on the cheek. She says on the lips and puckers up. He does it super quick and hesitantly. She says not to do it like a gringo, do it like a Mexican. Del Rio embraces her and kisses her more. She says lets try it like the French. She then tells Del Rio to kiss her somewhere else and points at her butt. She says she will not reconsider the main event. Damien Sandow comes out.

Sandow calls Del Rio a phony. He tells Vickie Del Rio sees her as a sex object. He asks Vickie if she knows what part he is more attracted to and says it's her superior intellect and the way she manipulates her way through life. He says Del Rio is begging because he knows he will lose against Cena. Sandow says Del Rio will beg Sandow not to cash in his MITB case. He says that Del Rio's conduct is not befitting of a champ and when given the opportunity, he will show Del Rio who the bigger man is.

Vickie makes a match between them to determine who the better man is. She leaves the ring and Del Rio cheap shots Sandow. They fight briefly and Sandow chases Del Rio out of the ring.

Curtis Axel is then shown walking backstage with Paul Heyman.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Curtis Axel (c) vs. R-Truth

They lock up and Truth gets backed into the corner. Axel hits a chop. Truth fights out and hits a hip toss. Axel rolls outside for a breather. Truth follows and slams Axel's head onto the apron. He rolls Axel back inside. Truth hits a back elbow. Axel hits Truth out of the ring. Back from commercial and Axel has Truth's arm locked in. Axel hits a clothesline to the back of Truth's neck.

Axel rubs his knee across Truth's face. He lock's in Truth's head on the mat. Truth gets to his feet, but Axel hits a knee to the gut. Truth whips Axel into the corner. Axel hits a kick to the gut and drops Truth's head onto the center turnbuckle. They exchange strikes. Truth knocks Axel down with a headshot. Truth lands a big clothesline and a heel kick. Truth hits a dropkick for a near pin fall. Axel goes for a dropkick but Truth moves and plants Axel face first on the mat.

Truth hits a scissors kick and goes for the pin, but Axel grabs the rope. Axel snaps Truth across the top rope. Axel hits his facebuster finisher for the win.

Winner: Curtis Axel

Los Locales vs. El Matadores

It's a standard match where Matadores look good and do a lot of showy, flipping moves. El Local and his partner don't get much offense. El Matadores win via their double team move.

Winners: El Matadores

After the match, El Torito gets to attack El Local's partner.

Then, Michael Cole announces that Shawn Michaels was voted to be the special guest ref for the main event at Hell in a Cell. His speech from RAW is shown.

Back from commercial and a recap of R-Truth and Natalya visiting kids at a children's hospital is shown.

Brie Bella and the Funkadactyls vs. Natalya, Kaitlyn and Eva Marie

Natalya and Brie start things off. Natalya locks in a leg submission on the mat. Brie fights out and they exchange reversals. Brie hits a fireman's carry and locks in Natalya's arm. Natalya gets out, but Brie locks in a leg submission. Natalya gets to the ropes. Natalya goes for the sharpshooter, but Brie fights out. Eva gets tagged in. She goes to work on Brie's arm. Kaitlyn tags in and works on Brie's arm as well. Brie fights out and tags in Cameron.

Kaitlyn hits a body slam. Cameron gets a roll up attempt. Naomi gets tagged in. Kaitlyn hits the spear. Cameron hits Kaitlyn with a body slam. Every diva gets involved, interfering and then getting attacked. Naomi and Kaitlyn end up last in the ring. Naomi gets a quick pin for the win.

Winners: Brie Bella and the Funkadactyls

Renee Young is backstage with Goldust and Cody Rhodes. Cody says that they beat The Shield. They beat the odds. Goldust says it was an emotional night and thanks their dad. Cody says thank everybody because everyone was a Rhodes that night. Goldust says that their support led them to victory. Cody says that their match against the Wyatt Family is their welcome back.

Damien Sandow vs. Alberto Del Rio

Sandow takes the lead, being very aggressive. Del Rio gets the upper hand. He hits a snap mare and a kick to the back of Sandow's head. He locks in Sandow's head on the mat. Sandow comes back with a hip toss. He hits Del Rio in the head, on the mat repeatedly. Del Rio leaves the ring and grabs his belt. He starts to leave, but Sandow attacks him from behind and whips him into the apron. He rolls Del Rio back inside for a two count. Sandow rubs his knee against Del Rio's head.

Del Rio kicks Sandow in the chest. He hits Sandow with a dropkick in the corner. Del Rio goes up top and leaps off, hitting Sandow in the back of the neck. He locks in Sandow's head on the mat. Sandow gets to his feet, but Del Rio slams his head into the turnbuckle. Sandow backdrops him out of the ring. Sandow exits and tosses Del Rio back in. He drops a knee on Del Rio and then an elbow. Sandow hits a snap Suplex.

Sandow kicks Del Rio in the corner. Del Rio puts his boots up and kicks Sandow's legs out. Sandow fights back with strikes and headbutts. He charges Del Rio in the corner. Del Rio sidesteps and Sandow collides with the ring post. Del Rio tries to keep the attack up, but Sandow clotheslines him to the outside. Back from commercial and Del Rio hits a dropkick. Del Rio chokes Sandow on the middle rope. Del Rio tries to leap onto him, but Sandow moves and he crashes to the floor. Sandow follows and attacks Del Rio.

Back in the ring and Sandow hits a back elbow and a clothesline. He body slams Del Rio and hits the elbow of disdain for a near pin fall. Sandow tries to drop a knee, but Del Rio moves. Del Rio kicks Sandow in the face. Del Rio sets up the cross arm breaker. Sandow counters out. He tries for his finisher, but Del Rio counters with a back cracker. Del Rio goes for an enziguri, but Sandow ducks and hits a swinging neckbreaker.

Del Rio tries to leave the ring but Sandow pummels him. The ref tries to break Sandow away. Del Rio takes advantage and kicks out Sandow's knee. Del Rio locks in the cross arm breaker. Sandow taps.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Then, another recap of Monday's main event from RAW is shown, including Big Show's knockout punch to Triple H.

Next, a video of John Cena on Good Morning America is shown where he talks about how much money WWE has raised for Susan G. Komen.

Prime Time Players and Great Khali vs. 3MB

Slater and Khali start off. Khali tosses Slater across the ring. Mahal tags in. Khali chops him in the head and elbows his neck in the corner. Khali chops his chest. He takes Mahal to another corner and chops his chest again. Young comes in and clotheslines Mahal in the corner. He hits a Suplex on Mahal. Mahal comes back and tags in McIntyre. McIntyre attacks Young. Young tries to fight back, but McIntyre kicks Young in the chest, in the corner.

Slater comes in and double teams Young with McIntyre. He locks in Young's head on the mat. Slater hits a neckbreaker. Mahal comes in and hits Young with a knee to the face. McIntyre comes in and clotheslines Young. He stomps on Young's fingers. Young kicks McIntyre in the head and tags in Titus. Mahal gets tagged in too. Titus gets several shoulder knockdowns. He tosses Mahal behind him and over his head.

McIntyre breaks up the pin attempt and Young takes him out. Slater gets tagged in, but Titus drops him behind him and tags in Khali. Khali hits him with a chop to the head for the win.

Winners: Prime Time Players and Great Khali

Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs. The Wyatt Family

Goldust and Harper start off. Harper takes Goldust to the ropes. Goldust comes back with a flying forearm. Rowan comes in in his mask and they stare each other down. Goldust hits his mask off and tags in Cody. Cody drops an elbow. He kicks Rowan in the head. Rowan gets a shoulder knockdown. He headbutts Cody to the outside. Back from commercial and Cody drop toe holds Harper. He tags in Goldust. Goldust hits an atomic drop. He punches Harper in the head, in the corner.

Goldust goes for a bulldog, but Harper shoves him off. Rowan tags in and drops a knee on Goldust's stomach. Rowan wrenches Goldust's head. He hits Goldust with a back elbow. Rowan sets up Goldust on the ropes in the corner. Harper comes in and clubs Goldust. Harper drops a pair of elbows. Harper locks in Goldust's head on the mat. Goldust gets to his feet. Harper goes for a dropkick. Goldust hangs onto the ropes and hits a DDT.

Harper knocks Cody off the apron and tags in Rowan. Rowan hits a body slam. Rowan whips Goldust into the corner hard. Rowan locks in a bear hug. He rag dolls Goldust around. Goldust fights out with elbows. Rowan strikes Goldust in the corner. Goldust comes back with a springboard back elbow. Rowan drives Goldust into the corner. Rowan grabs Goldust by the face and tosses him across the ring. Rowan goes for a kick, but Goldust dodges and slams Rowan's face to the mat.

Cody and Harper get tagged in. Cody hits a missile dropkick and a high knee. Cody hits the disaster kick, but Rowan breaks up the pin attempt. Cody dumps Rowan over the top rope. Harper charges and Cody moves, sending him crashing to the outside. Cody dives to the outside and takes out Rowan. Harper takes Cody out. He sends Cody back inside and goes for the discus clothesline, but Goldust takes it for Cody. Cody hits a quick pin off the confusion for the win.

Winners: Cody Rhodes and Goldust


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