DirecTV has an interview with Alberto Del Rio, who was promoting Sunday’s Survivor Series pay-per-view. Del Rio stayed in character for most of the interview. Here are some highlights:

His toughest opponents in WWE: “All of them. But if I had to give you two names, I would say John Cena would the number one. He is the face of the WWE and that is a man who never stops. He’s a machine. The other one would be Rey Mysterio. He is an icon. He’s a legend to all Latin Americans. I’ve had great moments every time I’ve been in the ring with him.”

If he still has a relationship with Ricardo Rodriguez: “No. I fired Ricardo Rodriguez like 3 months ago. I don’t even remember him or even know what he’s doing now. And to be honest, I don’t care.”

If he was a fan of Eddie Guerrero: “Yes, of course. I’m Mexican. I grew up watching him. I saw him several times before he came to WWE or any other company in the US. He wrestled for years and years in Mexico, especially in Ciudad Juarez. I’ve always admired him. He started from the bottom and at the end of his career he was one of the most amazing, most popular Superstars in the world.”

Source: DirecTV