Thanks to reader Byron Cole for sending in these results from last night’s WWE live event in Newcastle:

A lot of kids in the audience charging the rails as per usual. I had a good seat near the ramp and the crowd was quite hot the entire night and were pretty loud during each match. Roster was obviously limited due to Smackdown and Main Event being taped in Manchester at the same time, so there was no Daniel Bryan as previously advertised.

The Miz vs Kofi Kingston – Both guys were over at the start, Miz came out as a face but turned heel about 5 minutes into the match. Kofi came out with the win after hitting Trouble in Paradise and then limped to the back selling a leg injury from a figure-four leglock.

Next up was the Real Americans vs Los Matadores. Zeb came out and cut a promo saying that he and the Real Americans were going to move to England and he would become Prime Minister. Los Matadores then came out with their usual entrance and ended up getting the victory and then Swagger and Cesaro tried assaulting them after the match but they were fought off and then El Torito charged Zeb Colter to end it.

Aksana vs Alicia Fox, Alicia Fox came out with the victory, was a pretty quick match.

Next up was the fan choice of either a dance off or a match between Fandango and Santino Marella. A dance off took place, Santino won and was then assaulted by Fandango but Santino fought back and hit the cobra and then kissed Summer Rae who fell to the floor in disgust and that was that.

6 Man Tag Match between The Shield and Goldust, Cody Rhodes and Big E Langston. The crowd were hot for both teams at the start of the match but naturally drifted towards the faces. Really enjoyable match and Cody picked up the pinfall after nailing Rollins with a Disaster Kick I think. The Shield attacked Cody and Big E after the match but Goldust fought them off with a chair. Then the three faces signed autographs at ringside and celebrated with the fans.


Zack Ryder vs Wade Barrett. Ryder portrayed the heel obviously due to Barrett being in his home country. Barrett picked up the victory after nailing Ryder with the Bullhammer.

Damien Sandow vs Dolph Ziggler was up next. Sandow cut a promo saying he was still the uncrowned World Champion and got a fair amount of heat from the crowd. Really good match, probably the best of the night other than the 6 man tag. Sandow got the victory after nailing his finisher, Ziggler was quite over and the crowd applauded him as he left.

Finally the main event. Big Show vs Randy Orton. Big Show got quite a positive reaction coming out and Orton received quite a positive response also. Big Show was going for the KO punch when Kane’s music hit and he came out, distracted him and Orton nailed Show with an RKO for the victory. Kane walked to the ring, waved to the back to signal the Shield to come out who attacked Show and were about to go for the Triple Powerbomb until he fought back and nailed Orton with the KO. He then tried to get Kane to get in the ring who declined and walked to the back with the Shield and Orton. Show picked up the Mic and thanked us for coming and hope we enjoyed it and praised the fans and then Justin Roberts sent us home and Fandango’s theme played as we left.

All in all was a pretty good event with a lot of the top guys missing due to the Smackdown and Main Event Tapings. A few Daniel Bryan chants were heard in the main event, but nobody seemed to be complaining. A lot of yes chants throughout the night. Quite a bit of Fandangoing as well when he came out.

Biggest Pops (Focusing on start to finish instead of just the entrances):
Wade Barrett
Dolph Ziggler
Rhodes Dynasty and Big E

Most Heat:
Damien Sandow
The Miz
Zeb Colter
Zack Ryder