David Lagana is the driving force right now behind several key TNA storylines, including the angle with AJ Styles leaving the company as champion. Lagana and Jason Hervey are the key directors overseeing the backstage angles. This past week’s Sherlock Holmes / Bad Influence skits along with the Dixie Carter in-ring angle to start the show were overseen by Lagana, while just about everything else including the Mr Anderson / Bully Ray segments were the work of Hervey.

Internally most are impressed by Lagana’s efforts and are glad to see Hervey around as he’s considered a very likable, hard working guy. Lagana is overseeing all the day to day aspects of handling the creative writing, but has yet to be officially promoted to Vice President of Creative. Lagana is unofficially the head writer of all TNA TV since Eric Bischoff’s departure.

Speaking of Bischoff, he has had zero contact with anyone in the office since being sent home almost three weeks ago.

TNA also posted a job opening at this link for a new writer / producer. Some of the key responsibilities for the position are to develop and implement creative storylines, build compelling stories that capture the audience, and to consistently improve and refine storylines. They are looking for someone who is a creative, original thinker with great programming instincts and a deep understanding of pop culture and trends with a preferred minimum of 3 years writing and production experience in television.