Backstage News On Triple H's Opinion Of AJ Styles And TNA Talent, More On WWE Signing TNA Stars

As noted last week, AJ Styles denied reports that WWE offered him a contract. According to a WWE source, that is true as the company did not offer Styles a contract and is not interested in signing TNA talent.

The company wants to focus on the Performance Center for new talent. Triple H reportedly recently asked why he would want to sign AJ Styles when the company already has their own high flyers. He also said that while talents like Bobby Roode and Samoa Joe are good hands, he already has plenty of good hands with more being developed at the Performance Center.

Despite previous reports, the only former TNA talent that the company has expressed interest in is Matt Morgan, especially with their renewed effort to push bigger wrestlers.

As for Styles, it is believed that he has signed a new deal with TNA. His contract was originally set to expire next month.


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