– Big E Langston is featured on the latest WWE Inbox, seen above. During the episode, Big E revealed that the most he’s bench pressed is 575 lbs. He also said that Goldberg was his dream opponent since he was a big fan of his as a kid. He also said that he could take on Brock Lesnar, and that he respects and looks up to Lesnar.

– With the current Miami Dolphins bullying controversy going on, The Miami Herald spoke with WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase about bullying in sports and wrestling. He said:

“Whether it’s wrestling or football or whatever, when you are the rookie or the new kid, there are things they will put you through to break you in. Some of it I think is fine, but when it comes to bullying, and on the level this appears to be, there is no place for that.”

“I do school assemblies and talk to kids about bullies. Basically, in my opinion, most bullies are cowards because most bullies don’t pick on people their own size. They pick on someone smaller, or maybe not smaller like in this case, [rather] underneath you of rank. The whole I’m a veteran and you’re the rookie, and you’re going to smile and take it because I’m the veteran.”

“There is no place for name calling. There is no place for racism, if in fact that is what is involved here. I don’t know what went on behind the scenes. Just from the stories I’ve heard, if I was owner of the team, I would have been appalled.”