– WWE producer Billy Kidman worked as Paul Heyman’s doctor at Sunday’s WWE live event in Glasgow. Kidman pushed Heyman to the ring in a wheelchair and went by the name Dr. Weisenburg. This led to CM Punk coming out, jumping Kidman and throwing Heyman into the ring for a kendo stick beatdown.

– Ryback continues to reference Bill Goldberg and use his finishing moves at WWE live events. Celebrating his birthday on Sunday at the live event in Glasgow, Ryback made Tony Chimel lead everyone in singing happy birthday to him. Ryback said he would be taking a big “Goldberg dump” on Glasgow after the match.

– Big Show appeared to be injured at Sunday’s WWE live event in Cardiff, Wales. Show was seen limping badly on his way to the ring for the main event against Randy Orton. Before Orton came out, Show was seen communicating with a crew member at ringside and it appeared Show was talking about his left leg being in pain. The match with Orton was worked at a slow pace and lasted less than 5 minutes.