Chris Jericho Responds To Triple H In Interview, Says Neither Were "The Guy" has an interview with Chris Jericho, who was promoting his new web series, But I'm Chris Jericho! During the interview, Jericho said that he has no plans to retire, but doesn't know when he will return. He also discussed Triple H's recent promo on RAW where he referred to himself, Rob Van Dam and Edge as talented stars who were never "the guy" for WWE. Triple H added that if any any of them had been "the guy" during their times, they would all be now working for Ted Turner.

"That's his opinion, and as somebody that was a six-time World Champion and main evented pay-per-views for years, was I ever the guy? Well, no, but who was?" Jericho replied. "I think if you look over the last 15 years in WWE, you've got Rock, Austin, Hogan and Cena. I wasn't the guy... I just know that I had great matches pretty much every night. I had great rapport with the fans. I could make them love me or hate me depending on what I wanted, so I don't know what more you can say."

Jericho added that he wasn't angry with Triple H, but both Triple H and himself were "always the guys who worked with the guy." He also said that while he believes that Triple H is one of the greatest of all time, he could match him in every area.

Jericho also discussed which current stars impress him, a potential match between Triple H and Daniel Bryan, the Shield, balancing his busy schedule and more. You can read the full interview at this link.


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