Curtis Axel Names Two NXT Stars To Look Out For

South Carolina college newspaper The Tiger News today published a recent interview with Curtis Axel. Axel, who was still Intercontinental Champion when the interview was conducted, was asked about which NXT talents have the potential to be headliners.

"I'm a big fan of Bo Dallas," Axel replied. "I know he's the NXT Champion right now, but I remember I was in developmental when he first got there, and he was 18 years old and a young kid running around, and now just watching how he's grown, it's amazing. He's a great wrestler. He knows what he's doing, and I look forward to him getting brought up in the near future.

"Other than that, there's this guy that I've been seeing. He's actually been working some of the live events with us. He's Sami Zayn. He's a high-flying kind of guy.Check out Wrestling Inc. It brings some different elements into the WWE, so we'll see. I think those two are two guys you should keep an eye on in the future to get brought up to the main stage."

Source: The Tiger News


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