Dolph Ziggler On If He Deserves A Main Event Push, WrestleMania Dream Opponent, Daniel Bryan

WOIO-TV CBS-19 Cleveland Entertainment Reporter Chris Van Vliet interviewed Dolph Ziggler today, who was home in Cleveland for Thanksgiving. During the interview, Ziggler discussed why he has been wrestling in t-shirts lately, who he thinks are the most underutilized wrestlers in WWE, dressing up as Ivan Drago (from Rocky IV) and more. You can check out some highlights below, and you can watch the full interview above.

If he deserves a main event push right now: "I feel that I can absolutely put the company on my back, go out there entertain on the mic, entertain in the back, do media days, do movies, do TVs, you name it and steal the show every single night. And one day, when that happens everyone will be like 'oh yeah, I knew all along'. I get a bad rap for speaking my mind sometimes from some people on the Internet like the people who cheered for me when I cashed in the Money In The Bank briefcase as a bad guy because they were sick of the same old.Check out Wrestling Inc. Those guys have kind of turned on me a little bit because they're like 'he deserves to be in trouble, he speaks his mind too much'. This is about entertainment, I'm here to entertain. If I blur the lines, even better! Have some controversy around it for something, I think that's what makes it fun and I'm all about having fun and nobody has more fun in that ring every night."

Who he would like to face in a 60-minute Iron Man match: "I would love to do 60 minutes with Daniel Bryan. Especially since maybe a year ago we had a couple of matches where had 20, 30 minutes and it's not just being out there and letting the time go by, it's being entertaining and being different.Visit Wrestling Inc. We have two different styles but both can keep your attention I think. In this day and age where it's hard to keep people's focus and attention, we need 60 minutes of exciting, cool stuff he can do that cool British grappling kind of style and I can put some fun killing my body on the line stuff to have me crawling around for my life. I would love to do 60 minutes with Daniel Bryan at a Summerslam or Wrestlemania whether it's for a title or not, I guarantee that no other match could have that feeling that we had…. Not Shawn and Bret Hart, but close."

Whether he thinks he will one day win the WWE Championship: "I can say that I am confident in being a WWE Superstar so much as where I can say I feel I'm the best. I can't say that I can guarantee that I will win the WWE Championship one day. I have only had very few matches where I have been in there with the WWE Champ at the time and I was nowhere near them ranking wise, position wise and one day I hope to be.Check out Wrestling Inc. Had I been handed the WWE Championship 10 times, I wouldn't be this enthusiastic and I might not love the business this much. I love that everything has been dangled in front of me and I have scratched at it and got a piece of it and it drives me to be better than everyone else. And that's why I keep getting better, I don't get complacent."

His dream opponent for Wrestlemania 30: "Me and [Zack] Ryder never got to have our Wrestlemania match, but that's not going to happen. Undertaker is always looming out there, I don't know if he will be there, but I feel he will be.Visit Wrestling Inc. But you know who I would like to face at Wrestlemania 30? Even though he's retired, you know he can still go especially if I'm out there: Shawn Michaels. It's not impossible, he's there, he just refereed a match…. That could be 60 minutes and no one would bat an eye and they would go 'that's what this is about.'"


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