Dynamite Kid Update From His Daughter, Jericho Performs With Band, Austin And Knobbs

- Steve Austin is interviewing Brian Knobbs of The Nasty Boys today to air on a future "Unleashed" podcast.

- Chris Jericho has been performing with Canadian band Coverboy this past week. He wrote the following on Instagram today:

"Rock n roll crazy night after another successful Coverboy gig in CALGARY! We've got something here Canada! Stay tuned for more news about Canada's biggest PARTY band! #payorj #geoff #cinqriveirs Brentelcapitan #iîi"

- Bronwyne Billington, daughter of WWE Legend The Dynamite Kid, posted a positive update on her father after reports came out that he's suffered a stroke. She tweeted:

"Great news of my Dad watching John Wayne movies last night with my uncle. By the sounds of it he's on his way back to his normal self!"