Former TNA Wrestler Kazuchika Okada was recently interviewed about his rise to fame following his win of the New Japan IWGP Heavyweight title. Here are a few highlights from the interview.

His time in TNA: “TNA executives told me ‘Do you know what makes money? It is red lamp of TV camera. It’s the character, not just the wrestling.’ So I started to create the RainMaker character.”

“TNA did not give me many opportunities to compete. So I had lots of spare time. I started watching American pro wrestling videos. All the videos I could find. I learned a lot from by watching the big stars. I watched Sting. He was amazing. I wanted to be just like Sting.”

WWE being interested in him: “When I came back, I challenged Tanahashi and won the IWGP title. Now everybody loves me. The WWE is interested.”