As noted earlier, former WWE creative team member Alex Greenfield was interviewed on The Shoot and discussed The Survivor Series and more. He also talked about TNA and Dave Lagana."

"I tend to watch TNA only when somebody tells me theres this great thing," Greenfield said. "Like I haven't really been keyed in since the original [Kurt] Angle/Samoa Joe deal, which is years ago at this point. There's certainly been really good angles.

"I love what Dave (Lagana) did on Ring Ka King. Which I just thought was so bizarre, the Indian sub show they did. I thought it was so bizarre and fun with the Bollywood wrestling, I was super into that and Dave [Lagana] was the creative mastermind behind that.Visit Wrestling Inc. I just find it difficult to get into TNA, like I was super into Mickie James's evolution into a heel and sort of the build of her and then she left and I sort of dropped away at that point. But like Aces & Eights, Hogan and Bischoff... like none of it resonated with me so I can't say I watch very often at all. I like Dave a lot and I think he does good work, it's just that TNA, for whatever reason, the mix of talent or the type of stories that are dictated to tell just don't grab me."

Lagana also discussed the WWE logic behind not doing traditional Survivor Series matches anymore, the new WWE performance center, the most difficult wrestler he ever worked with and more. You can listen to the full interview at this link.

Source: The Shoot