This episode of Impact Wrestling was the second installment in Cincinnati, OH, and it presented more vengeance between Ken Anderson and Aces and Eights, even to the point of Anderson setting a stipulation for his upcoming match against Bully Ray. Additionally, the second match of the TNA World Title tournament between Kurt Angle and Austin Aries.

Mr Anderson vs. Knux was not anything special, but it did serve its purpose of building up Anderson for his match against Bully Ray at Turning Point. So far, this has been a pretty good filler feud for the both of them, and hopefully next week with mark the end of the overstayed Aces and Eights group. It will also be interesting to see where both participants go after this feud is over (if Anderson wins the match). The piledriver at the end of the show added a nice touch to the angle as well.

Christopher Daniels vs. Abyss was a good match, and this angle is getting more intriguing every week. All four members of this angle?Bad Influence and Young/Park?all are comical on the mic and can wrestle. The finish was good, with Daniels getting the cheap win. If no one has noticed, Daniels does not get many singles wins, so this was quite refreshing to see.

Ethan Carter III vs. Norv Fernum/Dewey Barnes was just another week of attempting to make Carter look good. Hopefully, Carter does not fall victim to the Ryback syndrome, getting boring by wrestling jobbers every week similar to Ryback’s start in the WWE. Until he actually becomes involved in a good storyline, he will be redundant. Sting may be the person they are setting him up with.

Gail Kim vs. Hanna Blossom hopefully leads to something much better. Blossom was not horrible in the ring, but of course she did not stand a chance to Kim. My hopes in that we will see Awesome Kong at the end of this invitational, which would definitely be worth the wait. Otherwise, we will likely get a Lei’D Tapa turn, which could help her career. However, Tapa is not over whatsoever.

Joseph Park challenging his “brother” Abyss at Turning Point was quite funny. One thing I do not understand, though, is why Park is challenging Abyss instead of both of them appear simultaneously to gain revenge on Bad Influence. Nevertheless, it will be interesting how TNA will pull this off.

Kurt Angle vs. Austin Aries was a great match, and delivered to its expectations. The Bobby Roode involvement was necessary to extend their feud, and it appears as if they will meet each other in the finals. Not only is the intensity of this feud refreshing, it does nothing but helps the interest of the TNA World Heavyweight Title while AJ Styles is touring.

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