This episode of TNA Impact Wrestling presented another pay-per-view turned TV special, Turning Point. After a 17 month reign of terror, Aces and Eights were potentially looking at their last night together as a group, courtesy of former member Ken Anderson. However, it would possibly be at the expense of his career, as he was forced to leave the company if he lost against Bully Ray.

Magnus vs. Samoa Joe in a Falls Count Anywhere match was a good way to start the show, and shows how much the two gel whether friends or foes. It was a good call for Magnus to get the victory, seeing how more stock should be placed on him the Joe at the moment. Magnus would benefit going far in the tournament.

The Joseph Park/Bad Influence segment looked like it was badly rehearsed. I was looking for a much better payoff than Christy Hemme announcing for Abyss and him not showing up, which led to the mocking of Park by Bad Influence and fake blood being poured on him. Even a fake Abyss would have been a better option. Of course, we know they are the same person, but at least make the desired distinction better than what we saw. Not impressed.

Gail Kim vs. Candice Lerae was not a very good match, but at least this concept is showcasing independent stars. That alone is a step up from the very thin women's roster the company has. This concept has to have a payoff, and hopefully we get to see Awesome Kong return and feud with Kim. Option B would be a Lei'D Tapa babyface turn, which she would need to stop being Kim's sidekick and start wrestling more matches for it to really mean anything.

James Storm vs. Bobby Roode in a Florida Deathmatch was a good concept, but the end made Storm look pretty weak. Roode feuding with Angle is enough steam for him to be prominent in the company, but Storm needs to get as much momentum as possible for him to be a top singles competitor again. It looks as if he will be engaging in a feud with Gunner, which will simply be a spot-filler. However, Gunner is much better as a face than I thought, so Storm being the one making the turn may help Gunner's career propel.

Ethan Carter III vs. Shark Boy was just another match to make Carter look good, but something has to give. He needs to commence a legitiamte feud quickly, or continue to lose interest. It was good to see Shark Boy, though. I remember when he first started that Austin parody gimmick, it got over very quickly. I still think it could get over in the X Division, seeing how that is another division that needs some resurgence.

Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray was a good match, and had some impressive spots throughout. Anderson getting the win was much needed, as the Aces and Eights should have disbanded a long time ago. The concept was innovative, but it could have been booked much better, and releasing D.O.C. was a bad decision. D'lo was expendable as a member, and so was Devon, but the group could have overall left a much better mark than it did. Anderson ceremonially seizing every member's "cut" was nicely done, and a great way to end the show.

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