Is WWE Interested In Buying TNA?, More On The TNA Sale

As noted earlier, Dave Meltzer stated in the most recent issue of The Wrestling Observer that there is a serious potential buyer for TNA, which has been involved in several other successful businesses. According to the report, representatives for the potential new owner were recently at TNA's offices, and things "are at a significant stage."

On yesterday's edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Metlzer once again said that the sale is "fairly serious," and said that the names rumored online to be buying the company "are all wrong." He said that it's "certainly not WWE" or Eric Bischoff. He also said that it wasn't Viacom, the parent company of Spike TV.

"Viacom didn't appear to have any interest in buying it," Meltzer said. "They bought Bellator, and maybe after buying Bellator, they felt that maybe they don't need to be buying another property like that. Bellator hasn't exactly knocked them dead."

I have heard of one company located outside of the U.S. that has expressed interest in purchasing TNA, although I don't know if that's the buyer that Meltzer is referring to. As always, stay tuned...

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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