Jeff Jarrett And JBL Comment On The "Double J" Mentions At Last Night's WWE RAW Country

- As seen on last night's RAW Country from Nashville, JBL made a mention of TNA founder and former WWE star Jeff Jarrett while Dolph Ziggler did the strut and guitar shot during his match with Damien Sandow.

Jarrett tweeted about the mention:

"Woke up to a interesting Twitter mention timeline... @JCLayfield @HEELZiggler #GuitarShot #DoubleJ #Strut #Slapnutz #KingOfTheMountain"

A fan asked if Ziggler paid tribute to Jarrett or did it as an insult. Jarrett replied:

"Totally tribute... #FargoStrut"

JBL also addressed the Jarrett mention he made on commentary:

"For those asking, shout out to @JeffJarrettTNA was out of respect and friendship, how could u not mention JJ with a guitar in Nashville?"


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