More Backstage News On Kassius Ohno's Release, Update On WrestleMania Ticket Sales, Rumble

- Regarding the story from last week where it was reported that Kassius Ohno was let go after complaining privately to co-workers in NXT before those co-workers relayed what he was saying to WWE officials, a few people in developmental have noted that they don't believe Ohno was ever vocal about his position with the company. One person noted Ohno was never vocal and even privately, even if he may have had reasons, never knocked anyone and also noted it would be a very short list of people who actually fit into that category of not talking to people when they were frustrated. It was said if being frustrated and openly saying so gets you released, almost nobody would still be there.

Dusty Rhodes, NXT writer Ryan Ward and some of the trainers were strongly behind Ohno but he wasn't politically in a good place.

- WWE's 2014 Royal Rumble pay-per-view from Pittsburgh is almost sold out.

- WrestleMania XXX ticket sales were slightly under 40,000 over the first week. With the higher ticket prices, from a gate standpoint, it was the second biggest first weekend in history, only behind WrestleMania 29.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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