More On John Cena Working Hurt, Interesting Change To Hogan Vs. Andre On The History Of WWE

- In regards to John Cena being injured, word is that he's pretty banged up but it's due more to Cena pushing himself back and working such a hard schedule as opposed to a new injury that has happened. No matter what schedule Cena is working, he is going to be hurting due to how hard he pushed himself to return.

- reports that the WrestleMania III match with Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant that is on The History of WWE DVD and Blu-ray, coming out tomorrow, is described as "arena camera - no commentary." This means the match is shown just from the hard camera viewpoint with no commentary, just crowd noise. Other small edits include Jesse Ventura's 1988 Royal Rumble match commentary being removed and Mike Tyson's entrance music from his Steve Austin confrontation on RAW in 1998 was changed.

Source: PWInsider


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