R-Truth On Not Aging & Little Jimmy's Whereabouts, Piers Morgan Tweets About WWE, Raw In Newcastle

- Speaking to WWE Magazine, R-Truth answered questions on his favorite pay-per-view event, the whereabouts of Little Jimmy, and whether it's harder to move around as he gets older.

R-Truth, who turns 42-years-old in January, says he's in excellent shape. "It all comes naturally to me, and it's almost like muscle memory when I'm out there now. In a way, it's easier than before. I'm in as great a shape as I've always been, and now, I've got the experience to back it up," said R-Truth.

R-Truth's showdown with John Cena at Capitol Punishment ranks as his favorite pay-per-view event to participate in. Regarding the event, he said, "It felt like it was my show. I was up against John Cena for the WWE Title so it was one of the biggest moments of my career. All eyes were finally on me and I made sure to give the audience something worth watching."

On the whereabouts of Little Jimmy, which was the brainchild of WWE head Vince McMahon, R-Truth states, "Man, that kid's back with his mom! I needed a break from him, we weren't getting along too well. Good riddance if you ask me!"

- Piers Morgan, host of CNN's highly-rated Piers Morgan Live, posted a message on Twitter relaying his disappointment in missing WWE's ongoing tour of the United Kingdom.

"Very disappointed to be missing #WWELiveUK ...you up for a WrestleMania 30 trip in April, @spencermorgan93 ? See my buddy @BrockLesnar," Morgan wrote.

- The official WWE website has published photos from Tuesday's Raw live event in Newcastle, England.


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