Thanks to reader Zer0FiveSeven for sending in this report from last night’s Mick Foley show in Smithtown, NY:

I just got back from the Mick Foley show in Smithtown and I wanted to give you a little rundown of how it went. First of all, there was a guy walking around who looked almost EXACTLY like Mick Foley, and he was wearing the Cactus Jack shirt with the red/black flannel. He had a lot of people fooled (including myself) for a while while he was walking around the venue before the show.

The theater was pretty nice, 300-350 seats, and the place was full. All in all there isn’t too much to report other than Foley is indeed pretty funny. 90% of his set was about wrestling stories, many of which we already know. He told one great story about what Undertaker said to Terry Funk while he was passed out during the infamous “Hell in a Cell” match, which was something along the lines of “See if he’s still alive”.

Mick’s family was in the front row and seemed to be very friendly to any fans that wound up speaking to them.

As far as the “WWE cameras” thing, sure, they were taping. I assume there was one static cam in the balcony, and there was one other WWE crew member walking around with a handheld, so it was NOT an elaborate setup by any stretch of the imagination. I wish the editor good luck putting together a whole special with two camera angles.

After the “standup”, Foley did a short Q&A where nothing terribly important was covered. The Q&A ended with a plant in the crowd asking Foley to re-tell his “cookie story”. I don’t remember what book it’s from, but it involves DDP, Steve Austin, and Foley sharing hotel rooms back in the day. DDP liked to walk around naked so Foley and Austin decided to crumble some chocolate chip cookies in his bed… Anyhow it’s at this point that Foley says something to the effect of “I shouldn’t be telling this story, so I’ll just let DDP tell it” at which point they cue DDP’s theme music.

Everyone flipped out, and was promptly disappointed when the female “comedian” (I use that term very loosely) came out dressed as a “naked” DDP to help add a little “color” to the story by doing any cursing that Foley didn’t want to do.

After the Q&A, there was a meet n greet, but the guy in charge of the venue didn’t really understand how to control the crowd very well. At first he wanted to go row by row, in order to line up, but he then told the people from the balcony to come down and “fill seats” which means “cut in front of everyone” apparently. Then, after only getting through about three rows, he told anybody with kids who “have to get home early” to get on line… So despite having third row seats, I was left waiting for about an hour.

Needless to say, I disappointingly left without meeting one of my top five favorite wrestlers of all time, despite the fact that he was at most fifteen feet away from me. He had items for sale at the table, with all proceeds (including all ticket sales) going to some children’s charity. Signed photos were ten bucks, books were ten, DVD’s were 20, and now on sale for “the first time in ten years” are the original Cactus Jack “Wanted Dead” shirts for twenty five bucks.

Everyone had to wait in the same line as they did to meet Foley to get to the merch table, but since I didn’t want to wait, we told the guy who was running the venue that we had a babysitter who was going to leave our kid home alone if we didn’t get back soon. At the end of the day, I got my shirt, but not without hassle from a few of the people in charge. It should be noted that there was no other table in which to buy these products. There wasn’t a table outside the theater before or after the show, so for most people, even if you just wanted a shirt you waited in line for hours.

Oh yeah, Joey Styles. I was outside smoking a cigarette waiting for the doors to open when up walks Joey Styles, looking a bit lost. It was clear he didn’t have a ticket, but was also having trouble getting a hold of anybody who could let him in. He got in eventually, but clearly had some trouble doing so. He acted as the host for the evening, and was surprisingly funny. He also is a lot bigger than I had imagined.

Anyhow I wish there was something more interesting to tell you, but it was pretty straightforward. No new news regarding him coming back to TV, no spoilers, no info on the network, etc. Just Foley performing standup, really…