In 1991, Sean Waltman—as the Lightning Kid, immediately became popular in the uprising Global Wrestling Federation promotion, feuding with Jerry Lynn and becoming the company's first Light Heavyweight Champion. After a brief stint for the short-lived company, he set his sights on wrestling for the WWE.

Initially in the WWE, he did not experience an impressive record, being on the losing end of matches. However, this was only grooming him to be a popular superstar not too long after his losing streak. This popularity commenced when Waltman had the opportunity to compete against Razor Ramon.

On an episode of Monday Night Raw, which aired on May 17, 1993, Waltman—now "The Kid" after wrestling as the "Cannonball Kid" and the "Kamikazee Kid"—faced Ramon in what was expected to be a squash match; especially after Waltman's previous loses to the likes of Doink the Clown. Unfortunately for Razor Ramon, Kid's legacy in the WWE started as his expense. Only a few minutes into their match, Kid successfully performed a moonsault from the ropes, and pinned Razor Ramon.

This had to be one of the biggest upsets in pro wrestling history, and unquestionably propelled Waltman to earn many championships for the company and join one of the most popular factions of all time—D-Generation X. The WWE was locked on the success of Waltman's career, and his upset victory launched this mission with great force. His name changed to the 1-2-3 Kid, and he became a popular wrestler in the WWE immediately following his win.

Interestingly, Razor Ramon and 1-2-3 Kid became two members of the controversial group named "The Kliq," and also with the New World Order in the WCW.

We should see more moments like this, as this is a good way to get a promising talent recognized amongst the WWE Universe. Paving the way for future stars starts with ideas like this. Classic moment.

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