SmackDown Review: Cena Back To Old Stomping Grounds - Best For Business?

The latest installment of WWE SmackDown was presented from Tampa, FL, and it was the unofficial inauguration of John Cena coming back to his old stomping grounds that created the top star he is today. Cena promised to revive the importance of the World Heavyweight Championship, and assured the WWE Universe that SmackDown will once again be his home.

Usos vs. Rollins/Ambrose was very good on many accounts. First, the Usos are really cementing themselves as one of the most polished tag teams the WWE has seen in a number of years. They bring an old school feel, with a flare, and are doing a fantastic job continuing the Fatu/Anoa'i legacy. A tag team title will seal the deal, and they deserve it when the Rhodes brothers eventually lose the title and move on to another angle.

Second, this match (specifically the interview before the match) further planted the seeds for a Roman Reigns babyface turn. This is also a great idea, and will give Reigns the opportunity to shine alone. It is good that they are still portraying him as a heel, but slowly building it to have a greater impact in the future.

Rowan/Harper vs. Prime Time Players was a good match, and once again gave Titus O'Neil a bit of shine. Although the Prime Time Players lost, they were not squashed, which was a good idea to strengthen the division. Of course Rowan and Harper were going to get the win, but it was hard-fought. It will be interesting how the feud with Daniel Bryan and CM Punk will develop, and should be a treat to see pan out.

It appears as if the WWE is using Miz as another decoy in a Randy Orton feud. Honestly, I would rather see Miz have a legitimate feud with Orton, rather than the Big Show. Show should be used for HHH, or even Kane with his recent turn, but not for the WWE Championship. If Miz is going to continue to be a babyface, WWE should capitalize on his ability in the ring and on the mic by doing their best to revive his fanfare. Feuding with Orton and HHH would do the job.

Natayla/Bella Twins vs. AJ Lee/Tamina Snuka/Alicia Fox had a promising ending to it. Hopefully this leads to Natalya finally getting to feud with AJ Lee without any more abruptions. It also will tie in perfectly with the Total Divas series, seeing how Natalya felt she was getting shafted by other Divas getting opportunities she has worked hard for, but failed to receive.

John Cena/Goldust/Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow/Real Americans really showed how SmackDown has the potential to be the most exciting show similar to how it was in the early 2000s. Fresh feuds, Cena at the helm, Sandow rising in stock, and tag team renaissance are all key components to becoming a stand-alone brand again. The match itself was very good, and had many impressive spots. SmackDown really showed a ton of promise, and should be interesting to watch more and more in the coming weeks.

Which leaves the question - should WWE split the brands again? Sound off below.


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