– You can check out the latest episode of RAW Backstage Fallout above featuring The Miz, Kaitlyn and The Prime Time Players discussing The Big Show’s “return.” In the episode, The Miz seemed to be planting the seeds for a heel turn. When asked for his reaction about The Big Show being re-signed by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, The Miz stated that no one cared about his opinion.

“Let’s face it, I was not voted in to face Randy Orton tonight,” Miz said. “The same Randy Orton that RKO’d me on Miz TV, the same Randy Orton that beat me up in front of my friends [and] in front of my family and cheap-shotted me time and time again. I didn’t think that anyone cared what I think, but you know what? It’s great that Big Show is back and I think he’s going to do very, very well. Not that anyone really cares what I think.”

The Toronto Star has a short article here about JBL joking about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford on last night’s RAW. Ford was allegedly seen in a video smoking crack and making racist and homophobic remarks earlier this year. Toronto police now say that they have the video of the incident, and Ford delivered an apology on a radio talk show this past Sunday.

– WWE recently suffered a setback with a lawsuit they filed in India against Reshma Collection for allegedly infringing on their copyrights and trademarks by using the WWE scratch logo and talent names on merchandise and apparel. Despite Reshma Collection being located in Mumbai, WWE filed the case in Delhi. The Delhi High Court ruled that WWE could not file the case in Delhi because they have no office or exclusive agent in the city. WWE had argued that the lawsuit was valid because their programming airs in Delhi, merchandise is sold in Delhi, and Delhi residents can purchase merchandise from their website.